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Play-a-day is the term I coined for the challenge I set myself, for the kids and I, after the triple disaster in March 2011. Every day for a year, I either brought the children to a different play area or I did a new play activity with them. In October 2012 I started the project again, this time with less “new” places and/or activities, but still with the objective of doing something / going somewhere DIFFERENT every day of the year. I have shared some of our adventures in this blog;

the children's castle at Saitama CHildren's zoo

The Children’s Castle at Saitama Children’s Zoo | HIGASHIMATSUYAMA

Young children love the children’s castle at Saitama Children’s Zoo. It is not particularly large and not particularly modern, but there is a charm about it that appeals to children… Read more »

Meet the pets!

Our latest addition to a long line of wildlife pets is Kaeru-kun. Kaeru (カエル) is the Japanese for frog, and that’s exactly what he is! It is a popular hobby of… Read more »