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Halloween Guide Saitama

A live up-date of Halloween Saitama events for 2018 Below you will find the 2017 round up of Halloween events in Saitama. It will be removed within the next few weeks as the 2018 information becomes more readily available. For now, here is the confirmed Halloween events for 2018: Halloween Kasukabe: Welcome Halloween Party Aeon | KASUKABE Halloween Higashimatsuyama: Happy […]

Rice Field Art and Ancient Lotus: Kodai Hasu No Sato | GYODA

Rice Field Art, Ancient Lotus, Cherry Blossoms, Observation Tower, Nature Hall, Winter Illumination and Park (with small playground) at Kodai Hasu no Sato in Gyoda The city of Gyoda was virtually unknown to foreign tourists just a decade ago. It wasn’t particularly popular among Japanese tourists either, until a number of events and discoveries put Gyoda firmly on the tourist’s […]

Fireflies in their natural habitat blue apple with permission

Fireflies in their natural habitat | CHICHIBU

Did you know that you can see fireflies in Saitama all year round? The Tobu Zoo is home to the first and only firefly house in the world. And while it is fascinating to see fireflies anywhere or anytime, there is nothing quite like seeing them in the wild in their natural habitat. Chichibu is one of the few locations in […]

A guide to Saitama in June

Saitama in June – June is the rainy season in the Kanto area of Japan. It doesn’t rain all day every day, but it rains enough to put a damper on outdoor plans. Despite that, June is still a popular month for Saitama-jin to go camping and enjoy barbecues between the showers. Some locations for both outlined below. In this […]

Fun packed and family friendly Nasunogahara Campsite | TOCHIGI

Nasunogahara Park Campsite with Crafting, Swimming pools, Hot springs, Grass Sledging, Athletic Playground, Multipurpose playground, Climbing playground, Tennis, Windmill, Observation Tower, Bike rental   My family of six are unanimously agreed that Nasunogahara campsite is our favourite camping ground to date. It is the perfect location for a family trip alone or as a group of families as we were […]

Edo Wonderland

Get your Ninja on at Edo period amusement park | TOCHIGI

Edo Wonderland, Nikko City, Tochigi There are many reasons why people become interested in Japan. For me, my interest started when I was very little, but it was reading James Clavell’s Shogun as a prepubescent girl that really ignited the passion and desire to visit this illustrious country. Further to reading Shogun I got my hands on any fiction or […]

Saitama Cherry Blossoms Honjo cherry blossoms

Saitama Cherry Blossoms: most famous Spots | SAITAMA PREFECTURE

Saitama Cherry Blossoms – Hanami and cherry blossom season is upon us. It is one of my personal favourite times of the year. If you have been in Japan for cherry blossom season in the past, you will know why. If you are about to celebrate cherry blossom season in Japan for the first time: be excited, very excited! The […]

Nagatoro Cherry Blossoms

Kita Sakura Street and other famous Nagatoro cherry blossoms | NAGATORO

Nagatoro Cherry Blossoms – Nagatoro is easily one of Saitama’s most beautiful locations. It enjoys tourists all year round due to the abundance of stunning natural scenery. Spring is no exception when thousands flock to see the famous cherry blossoms in full bloom. From the official Nagatoro Tourist Association website Nagatoro has been selected as one of the 100 most famous […]


Only one in the world: Saitama’s famous cherry blossom | KITAMOTO

Saitama’s Kabazakura – Last year (2017) we went to visit Saitama’s most famous cherry blossom in Kitamoto. It is one of Japan’s five designated “great” sakura. Moreover, it is the only naturally formed kabazakura in the whole world, a true one of a kind. It is approximately 800 years old. Revered for hundreds of years, its majesty was officially sealed […]

Saitama Sakura

🌸Saitama Sakura Guide🌸

Saitama Sakura 2018 Saitama Sakura – Saitama may not be particularly well known for our cherry blossoms, but we still have plenty of places to enjoy cherry blossoms, cherry blossom festivals, events and Hanami. We also are home to one of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom trees. CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVALS We have a number of large and quality sakura / […]