Starbucks Sayama with playground and cherry blossoms

In Spring 2021, the newest Starbucks in Saitama will open in Sayama City. It will be the first branch of the coffee chain to open in Sayama city. Moreover, it will be the very first Starbucks to open in a public park in Saitama Prefecture. Furthermore, it will have anRead More →

Sumiyoshi Sakura No sato 2020

Sumiyoshi Sakura No Sato is a riverside embankment walk in Sakado City, Saitama, about an hour from Tokyo. Along the embankment there are early blooming cherry blossoms called Kawazuzakura. Sumiyoshi Sakura No Sato The 150 Kawazuzakura, a type of early blooming cherry blossom, at Sumiyoshi Sakura No Sato were plantedRead More →

Umerin and Mini SL at Ogose Bairin best flowers 2019 plum blossoms ume

Ogose Bairin is one of three big plum blossom forests in the Kanto area. Bairin 梅林 is the Japanese for a plum grove, or quite literally a plum forest. The whole of Ogose is a virtual plum blossom forest, you can see stretches of beautifully gnarled tree trunks donned inRead More →

Saitama February

12 things to do in Saitama this February, all commutable from Tokyo. Saitama February Activities and events suitable for a day trip from Tokyo.Read More →

Konosu dolls' festival

Dolls festival – Japan’s largest dolls festival pyramid display “Konosu Doll Pyramid” in Konosu, Saitama Prefecture, is just a short bullet train (shinkansen) ride from Tokyo. You can view the dolls display at the mall at the station. Dolls festival The doll festival is celebrated on March 3rd, annually, forRead More →

Free resources for Setsubun 2021 –  normally February 3rd is Setsubun in Japan. However, in 2021 for the first time in 124 years, Setsubun falls on February 2nd. Setsubun marks the end of winter. Most families celebrate at home, but there are also dozens of events carried out at communityRead More →