Umerin and Mini SL at Ogose Bairin best flowers 2019 plum blossoms ume

Ogose Bairin is one of three big plum blossom forests in the Kanto area. Bairin 梅林 is the Japanese for a plum grove, or quite literally a plum forest. The whole of Ogose is a virtual plum blossom forest, you can see stretches of beautifully gnarled tree trunks donned inRead More →

Kawajima swans

Kawajima Swans – As a local and travel information blogger, it is rare that I make a conscious decision not to share an interesting location or experience. Intentionally choosing not to share a location is very different to not having the time to write about a location or experience. TheRead More →

Kore ga kakigori kawagoe with kids Shaved ice

Kakigori is shaved ice. It is typically associated with festivals stalls or food vans at events. However, in recent years there has been an increase in cafes or restaurants that specialise in kakigori. Kore ga kakigori is one such place, a kakigori cafe just outside the tourist district of Kawagoe,Read More →

Saitama Norin Park

Saitama Norin Park is a prefectural agriculture and forestry park in Fukaya City.  There is quite a lot to do at Saitama Norin, if you’ve planned in advance and booked to pick fruit and/or take a class. On the weekend they have the very popular mini steam locomotive. There isRead More →

Tsurugashima Sports Park

Tsurugashima Sports Park isn’t a particularly large park and, if you are not playing sports, nor is it a particularly engaging park. However, it has two things going for it; cherry blossoms and a splash pool. The park is useful for locals as it has walking courses, a tennis courts,Read More →

Beppunuma Park playground

Beppunuma Park – With Sakura season just around the corner I’ve been thinking of cherry blossom spots I wanted to visit and/or revisit with the kids. Beppunama Park came to mind as a great park for kids and a renowned cherry blossom and hanami spot. We actually already had theRead More →

Hodosan ropeway

The Hodosan ropeway offers not only magnificent views, but a shortcut to the top of Mt Hodo (Hodosan). Mt Hodo is a vibrant mountain in Nagatoro Town, a picturesque and tourist town of the Chichibu District. Chichibu district incorporates many of Saitama’s famous tourist retreats, such as the eponymous ChichibuRead More →

Saitama February

12 things to do in Saitama this February, all commutable from Tokyo. Saitama February Activities and events suitable for a day trip from Tokyo.Read More →

hatsumode saitama kitain hatsumode Japanese new year tradition

The Japanese New Year tradition of Hatsumode – Hatsumode is the first visit of the year to a shrine or a temple, an important and much practised tradition of new year celebrations in Japan. There are many shrines and temples all around Saitama where you can practise Hatsumode. Technically youRead More →

Santa Tochigi

Santa Tochigi Meet and Greets / Santa Photo / Santa Spots 2018 – I have saved the best for last! This is the 7th and final round up by prefecture of places you can get a Santa photo or meet / greet Santa in the Kanto Plain.Saitama | Tokyo |Read More →