Ibaraki Santa Mitsui Outlet Iruma Santa Mori Town Santa

Ibaraki Santa Meet and Greets 2018 – Places you can visit Santa Claus in Ibaraki in Winter 2018. Unfortunately, some places already had Santa visit earlier in December, such as Toys R Us in Tsukuba and Premium Outlets in Ami on the 9th.  Ibaraki Santa 🎅Hitachi Naka Seaside Park Santa Claus isRead More →

Saitama Santa Meet and Greet locations

A reader has suggested that the Saitama Santa Meet and greet locations are hard to find on the event calendars among all the other winter and christmas events. So I’ve put together a Santa round up for 2018 in the hope that it is easier to find a Santa nearRead More →

Santa Ochanomizu Cocoon City Santa Santa Stellar town Kanagawa santa

Kanagawa Santa – A selection of places you can meet and greet Santa in Kanagawa during December 2018. All information was, to the best of my knowledge, accurate at the time of publishing. The official sources stress that Santa Claus visits (and events in general) are subject to change, soRead More →

santa greater tokyo

Where can I visit Santa in Tokyo? Santa Meet and Greets ・ Santa Photo ・Santa Claus Tokyo This list is specifically for places you can visit Santa in TOKYO in December 2018.  For first timers in Japan, please note that Santa meet and greets may not be like what youRead More →

Santa Japan 2017 Guide for the Greater Tokyo Area St Clair Santa

Gunma Santa Photo and /or Meet and Greets 2018 – The Gunma list of Santa photo spots is always the smallest unfortunately.  The best place for a Santa photo and meet and greet is generally the Takashimaya in Takasaki.  🎅Takashimaya Takasaki The 2018 visit from Santa at Takashimaya in TakasakiRead More →

Cocoon City Night Illumination Christmas Tree Cocoon City Christmas

Cocoon City Christmas – Cocoon City is just one part of Saitama Shintoshin. The whole area of Shintoshin is the most Christmassy location I have found in Saitama prefecture . Between the illumination, the markets, the concerts, candle night, crafts and Santa visits, it really is one of the bestRead More →

tokorozawa santa parade santa takashimaya Kichijoji santa

Five years ago when I wrote about the unusual “only in Japan” places you could meet Santa, there were really only three. One of which was the “Find Santa” event in Tokorozawa. That event thankfully still exists, but since then dozens of other unique Santa events have emerged. Once uponRead More →

Santa Meet and Greet Locations

Santa Meet and Greet Locations Greater Tokyo Area – for December 2nd 2018 in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures of Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Gunma. The Santa meet and greets are quite different to meet and greets back home. Please note that you have to have your own camera. And thatRead More →

Shoden Temple

Komazan Shoden’in Shorakuji commonly called Shoden Temple (Shoudenin | Shoden-in | Shodenji) stands proud at the top of the Koma peak in Hidaka. It is like a beacon for all enthralled by religious architecture. It is easy to spot it from a distance with its impressive temple structure, but moreRead More →

santa greater tokyo

Santa Greater Tokyo Area – When I first started sharing information of where you could meet Santa in the Greater Tokyo area I used to be able to put all the information in one post. That’s how few Santa locations there were. A couple of years ago after a hugeRead More →