origami dolls for hina matsuri

Origami Dolls for Hina Matsuri. Hina Matsuri is the Dolls’ Festival in Japan. It is celebrated annually on March 3rd, which is also Girl’s Day. We celebrate it in many different ways, such as making crafts at school and home. Here is a really easy and quick paper craft withRead More →

Hina Matsuri is the Doll’s festival celebrated annually for Girl’s Day on March the 3rd in Japan. Families display their Imperial dolls on tiered platforms or in a case from early February until Girl’s Day. Superstition has it, the longer the dolls are displayed past girl’s day, the longer itRead More →

Imanishi strawberry picking farm Yoshimi

Strawberry picking in Yoshimi Town, Saitama Prefecture. Yoshimi town is well regarded for strawberry picking. In fact, according to the Prefectural website, Yoshimi is number one for strawberries in Saitama. Winter / Spring strawberry picking is popular for family and school outings in Japan from February through May. However, someRead More →

Hiratsuka park adventure playground

Hiratsuka Park  – Ageo has some really great parks, but Hiratsuka Park is not one of them! The probably sounds a bit harsh, but it pales in comparison to the other parks in Ageo such as Maruyama Park and Kamihira Park. It is grand for a quick visit or if youRead More →

Kawagoe Sports Park or Kawagoe Undo Koen in Japanese. Written in 2013, updated in 2017. The first time I visited Kawagoe Sports park (川越運動公園)I wasn’t all that enamored with it.  From the point of view of a parent, there is little to entertain older children and it is most suited to aRead More →

Mizohata Park Sakado 2013

Mizohata Park, Sakado. I tried a new park today. It’s a bit of a hobby of mine to find new places to bring the kids, can you tell!? The park is Mizohata Park in Sakado, only a 2 minute walk from Kitasakado station and quite close to the Sakado Jidokan (free children’s communityRead More →

Chikozan park – Multi-purpose park with Campsite, BBQ, Zoo, Fishing, Sport facilities, Athletic Playground, Multi-use Playground, Beautiful Flora and Fauna. Chikozan Park Chikozan Park in Sayama is close to the controversial proposed site of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Golf Tournament. It is a beautiful vast park with lots of attractionsRead More →

Winter Night Illumination Keyaki Hiroba (2)

The very first night illumination I went to in Saitama was at the Keyaki Hiroba in Saitama Shintoshin. At the time it was one of only a handful of places that had a large scale night illumination display in Saitama. I had moved from Mito City in Ibaraki which litRead More →

Autumn leaves Shinrin Park, also known as Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park, Namegawa Town, Saitama Prefecture. Autumn Leaves Shinrin Park THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN 2013. I won’t pretend to understand the timing of Autumn Leaves in Japan. The leaves around here have started to fall, but 15 kilometres NorthRead More →

When I was growing up in Ireland, Santa had a grotto in various shopping centres and department stores that he would visit on the run up to Christmas. In Japan, this is not the case. Although, I eventually did find one place in Tochigi that has a Santa Grotto. OnlyRead More →