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Santa Tochigi

The Santa Round Up 2017 | TOCHIGI

Santa Tochigi – I have saved the best for last! Tochigi, specifically Nasu, is my personal favourite place to visit Santa. There is a lovely Christmas atmosphere in the area with lots of Christmas and Santa decorations. Santa Tochigi 🎅Toysrus Sano Santa Claus visits the Toysrus in Sano on December 16th. He will be available for a greeting and a […]

Santa Tokyu

The Santa Round-Up 2017 | KANAGAWA

Santa Kanagawa – Thank you for your patience. At this stage, the objective is dissemination of information, so that people can find a Santa near them before its too late. I do apologize for the lack of prose! Hereafter, places you can visit Santa Claus in Kanagawa prefecture. 🎅Motomachi, Yokohama The remaining dates for Green Santa’s 2017 season visits are […]

Santa Ibaraki Mitsui Outlet Iruma Santa

The Santa Round Up 2017 | IBARAKI

Santa Ibaraki – Places you can visit Santa Claus in Ibaraki in Winter 2017. Unfortunately, some places already had Santa visit earlier in December, such as Toysrus in Mito. As published at the end of November on this blog; he also visited the Premium Outlets in Ami on the 10th.  Santa Ibaraki: Locations in Tsukuba 🎅Toysrus Tsukuba Santa Claus visits […]

Santa Japan 2017 Guide for the Greater Tokyo Area

The Santa Round-up 2017 | TOKYO

Where can I visit Santa in Tokyo? This list is specifically for places you can visit Santa in TOKYO in December 2017.  Please be aware that Santa meet and greets are not like what you might be used to in your home country. There is generally no grotto and he doesn’t give out a present. In Japan, “Finland” is used […]

Santa Japan 2017 Guide for the Greater Tokyo Area

The Santa Round Up 2017 | GUNMA

Santa Gunma – Thank you so much for your patience. Unfortunately, the Gunma list has turned out to be very small with just two confirmed locations (that I could find) where you can meet Santa in Gunma this season, making it the smallest list of all prefectures in the Kanto plain. There are quite a lot of Santa locations in […]

Redbrick Warehouse Santa 2017 | Yokohama

The landmark Redbrick Warehouses in Yokohama (akarenga 赤レンガ) are running a number of Christmas events this holiday season, including the chance to meet Santa Claus. Redbrick Warehouse Santa Dates If you are looking to visit Santa on a weekday near Tokyo, this might be the place for you. As all the Santa dates at the Redbrick Warehouse in Yokohama are […]

The Santa Round-up 2017 | CHIBA

Where can I visit Santa in CHIBA? Santa in Chiba – Last year Santa Claus arrived into Narita airport on November 25th, but as I write this also on November 25th he still hasn’t arrived for 2017! White Santa is here though. And Santa’s meet and greet locations for after he arrives have already been scheduled. You will find twenty […]

Santa Japan 2017 Guide for the Greater Tokyo Area

Premium Outlets Santa Claus |GREATER TOKYO AREA

Premium Outlets Santa – From December 3rd Santa is travelling around the Premium Outlets for a rare photo opportunity. You will be able to get your photo taken with Santa free of charge, if you have a ticket, but you need to have your own camera with you. This year they have reduced the number of sessions from four to three. However, […]

Santa Japan 2017 Guide for the Greater Tokyo Area

Ochanomizu Santa Claus | TOKYO 2017

Ochanomizu Santa, Tokyo – For the 11th year in a row, St Clair in Ochanomizu is one of the first places that the real Santa will visit. It is not only one of the longest running Finland Santa’s in Tokyo, but also one of the most popular. People queue for hours for the chance to meet Santa who has flown […]

2017 Santa Guide | GREATER TOKYO AREA

Santa Japan – Please find hereafter information about places you can see and visit Santa (Japan). Under each red banner you will find more information. In the case of Tokyo and Chiba the photo box you see under the red banner links to a full list for each area. is a not for profit free information share and travel […]