wisteria at tamashiki where the Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival is held

The Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival needs little introduction to Saitama-jin, as it celebrates the 450 year old wisteria of Tamashiki Shrine. It is a popular festival annually. The shrine’s spring festival generally overlaps with some of the dates of the wisteria festival. Kisai Wisteria Festival 2024 First and foremost,Read More →

Kasukabe wisteria festival saitama Prefecture near Tokyo

Kasukabe City is probably best known as being the home of the fictional anime character Crayon Shinchan. However, wisteria lovers will also know it to be the home of the famous wisteria of Ushijima (Tokaen). Apart from Tokaen though, Kasukabe has a wisteria street “Kasukabe Fuji Doori”, where they haveRead More →

Shiraoka Shibayamanuma Shibayama marsh carp streamers called Koinobori in Japanese

Each year during Golden Week you can see about 100 carp streamers flying over Shibayama Marsh in Shiraoka City. They are hung annually in honor of Children’s Day, which falls on May 5th annually. It is a project carried out every year by the city’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Read More →