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Treeing tree climbing in Saitama

Tree climbing in Saitama

Tree climbing in Saitama – “Treeing” is the term the Japanese have coined for the sport of climbing trees with ropes and harnesses.  This Autumn a few parks across Kanto are offering the experience with trained and experienced tree climbers from the Tree Master Climbing Academy. In Saitama, the national park Shinrin in Namegawa and the prefectural park Kuki Shobu conduct(ed) classes for adults, […]

Choice of play at Shinrin Park | NAMEGAWA

Places to go in Saitama With Kids: Shinrin Park, Namegawa Shinrin park (also known as Musashi Kyuryo National Goverment Park) is vast, 304 hectares to be precise. To put that in perspective; 65 times the size of Tokyo Dome! There is an entrance fee for children over the age of 6 and parking is charged, but it is well worth the money as […]

Starlight Christmas at Shinrin Park

Starlight Christmas, Winter Illumination at the Central Gate of Shinrin Park There will also be winter concerts run the week of Christmas in conjunction with this event, please keep an eye on this blog for more information. Dates: December 13th to December 25th, 2013 Hours: 16.00 to 20.00, last entry 19.30 (Cancelled in event of rain) Place: CENTRAL GATE of […]

Autumn leaves by night at Shinrin Koen

Autumn leaves by night at the Central Gate of Shinrin park Dates: November 1st to December 1st, 2013 Hours: 16.30 to 20.30, last entry 20.00 Place: CENTRAL GATE of Shinrin Park Price: 400 yen per adult, 200 yen for senior citizens (65+), 80 yen for children, children under 6 free Parking: At the central gate, 200 yen Monday to Friday, 300 […]

紅葉 Autumn leaves at Shinrin Koen

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN 2013. I won’t pretend to understand the timing of Autumn Leaves in Japan. The leaves around here have started to fall, but 15 kilometres North West, in Shinrin park, the warm colours are coming into their prime. In theory, as the area is higher ground and further North the leaves should fall before this area…? […]