Kamen Rider exhibition Kadokawa EJ Anime Museum

Information for the Kamen Rider 50th anniversary exhibition at the EJ Anime Museum in Kadokawa Culture Museum in the spring of 2024. A special Kamen Rider exhibition will start on Saturday March 30th 2024 at Kadokawa Culture Museum in Tokorozawa Sakura Town. This exhibition celebrates 50 years of the popularRead More →

Three of the places lit up by lanterns for the Kawagoe Night Walk 2024

This February Kawagoe will have a very special illumination event centered around Honmaru Goten, with six other participating locations. The “lantern lit night walk for adults” is on from Friday February 9th to Wednesday February 14th 2024. Not only is each of the seven locations lit by lantern, but theyRead More →

Koinobori carp streamers Midori no Mura RV Park for festival

For years, Midori no Mura had a regular horse interaction / riding event monthly. And then, you-know-what happened. We actually went to Midori no Mura several times during the pandemic. Despite how lovely the park is, its rare for it to be busy because of its remote location. It wasRead More →

Information for the nearest steam locomotive to Tokyo – the Paleo Express. From Kumagaya rugby town the steam locomotive leisurely chugs its way to scenic Chichibu. In addition, this post also contains information for a VERY SPECIAL event – a chance to drive and coal up the steam locomotive! InRead More →