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Yoshida rocket festival

An unique event for your list of things to do in Saitama: Information for the annual “ryusei” rocket festival in the Ogano area of the Chichibu District in Saitama Prefecture Japan. Read More →

Halloween Aeon

To kick off 2018 Halloween Aeon Kasukabe is having a Welcome Halloween Party. The event is two stage shows of Halloween music. It is a family concert by Doremi Carnival suitable for all in the family. They will also be giving away Halloween goods on the day. The event willRead More →

Halloween Afternoon Tea

Halloween Afternoon Tea – Two of my favorite things combined: Halloween and Afternoon Tea! Trick-or-Treat yourself to Halloween Afternoon Tea or a Halloween Dessert Buffet in Saitama’s capital city. All images from Shikitei restaurant and cafes official website. Shikitei cafe in Kita Ward (Saitama City) are hosting a Witch’s AfternoonRead More →

Rice Field Art, Ancient Lotus, Cherry Blossoms, Observation Tower, Nature Hall, Winter Illumination and Park (with small playground) at Kodai Hasu no Sato in Gyoda The city of Gyoda was virtually unknown to foreign tourists just a decade ago. It wasn’t particularly popular among Japanese tourists either, until a numberRead More →

The World of Sayama Green Tea 2018 is being held in the Saitama Stadium 2002 on Saturday September 1st from 3 pm to 7 pm. Apart from selling Sayama Green tea and green tea produce they also have a number of events and workshops. It is a great event forRead More →

Cockscomb shinrin park happy autumn festa

The plumed cockscomb, also known as Celosia, are a relatively recent addition to Shinrin Park. In the inaugral year they had about 50,000, but now there are approximately 500,000. They generally bloom the last week of August ( around August 23rd), and come into full bloom early September. Of courseRead More →

Kitamoto Tomato Curry Festival

In Japan everywhere has to be famous for something right? About 90 years ago, Kitamoto decided tomatoes were up for grabs and duly picked that as their something to be famous for. And what better way to celebrate your city’s famed product that a festival. Cue Kitamoto’s annual tomato festivalRead More →

kasukabe odako fireworks

There will be no Odako Fireworks Kasukabe in 2020. Approximately 320 starmines and 50 smaller fireworks are launched annually at the Odako Fireworks. (As in Odako of the famous kite festival in the same city). The fireworks are the finale to the traditional summer festival that starts around 3.30 pm.Read More →

Mascot Festival Countdown event

Mascot Festival Countdown event… Because what is a mascot event without a countdown…!! For the last 9 years there has been a mammoth mascot festival or mascot summit, Yuruchara (as featured on this blog), in Hanyu. This year, they have decided to really milk the money making machine that mascots are.Read More →