Ogawa tanabata

Ogawa Tanabata festival is a two day tanabata “star festival” celebration held annually, usually on the last weekend of July. The fireworks happen on the first night.  On March 27th 2020 Ogawa Town released a press release stating that the 2020 Ogawa Tanabata festival and fireworks have been cancelled. TheRead More →

iruma air base summer evening festival

Iruma Air Base Summer Evening Festival – Each year the Iruma Air Base opens the gates to the public for a handful of community events, such as the Summer Evening Festival in July. This year it is on Wednesday the 24th of July. If there is bad weather on thatRead More →

The 2019 Summer Carnival in Tsurugashima will take place on Saturday the 20th of July. Last year, due to the heat wave, the scheduled children’s performances was cancelled. All other performances went ahead as scheduled. There is a possibility the same will happen this year. Please check the official website forRead More →

urawa mikoshi

Urawa Mikoshi Festival held annually in July. The 2020 Urawa Mikoshi festival has unfortunately been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau annouced the cancellation of dozens of summer festivals, including this one, in the middle of May. Above image and featured image bothRead More →

The Urawa Yosakoi Festival takes place annually in July.  However, in 2020 the festival has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. In May, the Saitama Tourism and International Bureau (STIB) announced the cancellation of dozens of summer festivals in Saitama City this year because of the pandemic. Image takenRead More →

Kita Urawa Awa Odori dancers from the official Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau

The Urawa Odori event is held annually, as part of the Urawa summer festivals, in the middle of July. The Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau announced in mid May that the 2020 event has been cancelled (along with several other summer festivals) due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Hundreds ofRead More →

Little planet

A new digital and creative play space for children, Little Planet, is opening in the Lalaport in Shinmisato on July 11th 2018. Little Planet or Litpla for short The Little Planet or Litpla play centers use virtual reality and mapping technology. The Lalaport Shinmisato official website refers to it asRead More →

Kumagaya Uchiwa festival

Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival, one of the Kanto (Greater Tokyo) area’s largest summer festivals, is held annually from July 20th – 22nd. Uchiwa means fan, as in a hand held fan used to cool down in the summer. Therefore, sometimes the festival is called Kumagaya Fan Festival in English. Last year, 2019,Read More →

Festival lanterns

This annual festival in Honjo occurs in the kodama area of Honjo City. It is usually on the same weekend as the Honjo Gion Festival. Unlike the Honjo Gion Festival, it is only for one day; Sunday July 14th, from 11 am to 9.30 pm. Kodama Summer Festival is calledRead More →

Honjo Gion Festival – This festival occurs every year on the 2 days preceding “umi no hi”, an annual holiday in Japan. However, in 2020 the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. It attracts about 40,000 people. There are 70 stalls. One of the unusual features of this festival is the 雨乞獅子“rainRead More →