Poppies in the sky! Information for the annual poppy flower field in Chichibu Highland Ranch, Saitama Prefecture

One of Saitama’s most famous scenes, nationally, is the “Poppies in the Sky”. The poppies at the Chichibu Poppy Festival at the prefectural farm known as both Chichibu Highland Ranch and Sai no Kuni Fureai Center. The farm / ranch is also known for its views and occasionally you canRead More →

cherry blossoms and rapeseed Kinchakuda

Kinchakuda Spring Festival and spring flowers: cherry blossoms, rapeseed (canola flowers) and purple flowers. Kinchakuda needs little introduction. If you don’t know it by name, you’ll know it as the most famous place for red spider lilies in Japan. However, what you might not know about Kinchakuda is that itRead More →