scarecrows in Japan

Scarecrows in Japan ♫Do you wanna build a … scarecrow!? “They” say that you should delete or unpublish blog posts that aren’t performing because they drag your website ranking down. But this is one post I can’t bring myself to remove from my blog even though it gets very littleRead More →

Chikouzan Park Zoo – With the excellent Saitama Children’s Zoo practically on our doorstep, we rarely need to go to other zoos. But the Sayama City Chikozan Park is a lovely place for a day out for families and it has a small zoo that is ideal for toddlers. ChikozanRead More →

Enomoto Dairy Farm – family run, amiable dairy farm in rural Ageo, Saitama, but close to big cities and even Tokyo itself. The Enomoto Dairy Farm reminds me of the farms at home in Ireland. Its most famous acclaim is its delicious ice-cream, or as they call it ‘gelato’, which hasRead More →

Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival

Ageo Maruyama park is frequently listed in Saitama’s top 3 list of family parks. It is personally one of my favourites.  I love that although the park isn’t massive, there is so much to do and see that you can spend a full day there. I particularly like that they have swings that toddlersRead More →

Oisezuka Park, Kawagoe Oisezuka Park is a small park in Kawagoe, but very close to Tsurugashima. It has a lovely well groomed open lawn that is great for a picnic and / or playing ball, chasing or blowing bubbles. :-Parts of the park are very picturesque and it is popularRead More →

Nanbata Castle Park Musket Shooting Festival

Nanbata Castle Park in Fujimi City. In Saitama‘s oldest published post! First published in 2008 and still going strong in 2020, thank you very much for your readership and support. Please note that during the 2021 State of Emergency the period house is closed. It will remain closed until atRead More →