mini umbrellas at Mizumiya shrine, known as the frog shrine, in Fujimi

There is currently a gorgeous mini mini-umbrella sky at the frog shrine in Fujimi City. The umbrellas are adorable, no bigger than my hand, and hang in rows along the shrine’s approach. Moreover, the satsuki azalea are currently in full bloom and the hydrangea have started to bloom too. TheRead More →

Kashiwaba Oakleaf Hydrangea at Sashiogi Shrine Saitama City

You hear so much about “ajisai dera” (hydrangea temples) at this time of year in Japan. But what about hydrangea shrines? Hundreds of shrines throughout Saitama have some hydrangea on their grounds, but for some reason its all about the hydrangea temples! Well there is an actual reason – hydrangea’sRead More →

Lanterns Aobaen April May 2023 and 2024

Information for the latest display at Aobaen in Saitama City. The display changes every 6 to 8 weeks. Currently, it is a colorful corridor of lanterns. Since around August 2022, Aobaen Cemetery in Saitama City, have a permanent wooden trellis in front of their three tiered pagoda. Each month theyRead More →

wisteria at tamashiki where the Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival is held

The Kazo City Kisai Wisteria Festival needs little introduction to Saitama-jin, as it celebrates the 450 year old wisteria of Tamashiki Shrine. It is a popular festival annually. The shrine’s spring festival generally overlaps with some of the dates of the wisteria festival. Kisai Wisteria Festival 2024 First and foremost,Read More →

white peony at peony festival yakyu inari

Each year Higashimatsuyama City have two peony festivals – one in Saitama’s largest peony garden and the other in the baseball shrine, Yakyu Inari. This post contains information for the latter, the festival at the beautiful Yakyu Inari shrine, a National Important Cultural Property of Japan since last year (2023).Read More →