Mt Takao with children, Mt Takao cable car, Autumn Leaves Mt Takao and Mt Takao New Year Information Mt Takao Hachioji Mt Takao Autumn Leaves Navigating Mt Takao with children Mt Takao Cable Car Things to do at Mt Takao with children Food on Mt Takao Takaoson through the seasonsRead More →

Chichibu Night Festival from John Becker

At 2.02 am today, December 1st 2016 the Chichibu Night Festival, specifically the traditional music and performances of the festival, along with 32 festivals in Japan were confirmed and recorded as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Congratulations CHICHIBU. 🙂 UNESCO Chichibu Night Festival **The above photos, one of which is also usedRead More →

Iwamuro Kannon cliff front temple yoshimi hiki hills In Saitama

One of my friends famously said “If you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all” and there is a truth in that. However, I am quite “into” temples (and shrines). And for me, the magnificence of a temple doesn’t always lie in its appearance, but rather in the history andRead More →

JAXA earth observation center and a drive in the Hiki hills

JAXA Earth Observation Center is located in Hatoyama Town in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture. The town is probably the most famous place in Hatoyama, apart from the golf courses! To be upfront: my kids were too young the time we visited, so we ended up spending less thanRead More →

Hikawa shrine shingashi river cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Shingashi River – Kawagoe is just 31 minutes from Ikebukuro, Tokyo, on the Tobu Tojo line (jump to access from Tokyo).  It is a popular tourist town. One of Kawagoe’s most spectacular spots to enjoy “sakura” is out the back of Hikawa shrine, where the cherry blossoms line the ShingashiRead More →

baseball bat ema

The Baseball Shrine – Yakyu Inari Shrine is located in Higashimatsuyama city in Saitama. It is just 1 hour and 10 minutes from Ikebukuro on the Tobu Tojo line.  It is one of many shrines to the God Inari. However, what makes it special is that its Chinese characters (“Yakyu”Read More →

Ukishima Inari Shrine is a little shrine you pass on the walking route from Miyoshino Shrine and Kitain Temple. It is not particularly well known or adorned, but it has some beautiful gingko (maidenhair) trees. It also has a (small) play area. Kawagoe Kita-in Temple’s autumn leaves are the most famousRead More →

Tanabata Festival Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Every year on August 7th Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine have a Tanabata Festival. The Tanabata Festival at the shrine is not that well known. However, it falls during the wind chimes display event, which has created quite a name for itself. Wind Chimes During July and August, Hikawa Shrine displays hundredsRead More →

playground miyoshino shrine kawagoe

Miyoshino Shrine, Kawagoe 三芳野神社、川越- 日本語 Miyoshino Shrine The Miyoshino shrine features in a famed traditional song (Warabe uta) that is known by Japanese people all over Japan. The song name is “Tooryanse”. As such, the shrine is much beloved by many, particularly the proud locals. A monument was erected toRead More →

hikawa jinja maple in Saitama

I went to Hikawa Jinja in Kawagoe today, in the hope of enjoying some vibrant Autumn Leaves. I didn’t time it very well; I was too early with the autumn blooms still nowhere in sight. Also, the higanbana that also in Autumn on the Shingashi river where gone by then.Read More →