Information for the Kawagoe Summer Festival, as it is often referred to in English, or Kawagoe Million Lights Summer Festival as it is called in Japanese. Kawagoe Million Lights Summer Festival This will be the 43rd annual Kawagoe Million Lights Summer Festival, or Kawagoe Summer Festival for short. Only 30Read More →

Cover photo with wind chimes for the 2022 information about the enmusubi wind chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine e

2024 Information for the annual “enmusubi” wind chimes and glistening river at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine. This year is the ten year anniversary of the famous wind chimes. Please note: due to several incidences in 2024, tripods and other camera equipment (step ladders etc) are no longer permitted. Also, the shrineRead More →

Kawagoe Aqua Park Kawagoe Aquatic Park Saitama Pools summer pools

Kawagoe Aquatic / Aqua Park aka Kawagoe Suijo Kouen, or Kawagoe Water Park, is one of the bigger and most popular summer pools in Saitama. In 2022, Walker listed it as the 5th most popular aqua park in all of Japan. In addition, now that several pools have closed permanently,Read More →

Resona Koedo Terrace at the former bank

If you’ve ever been in Kawagoe warehouse district before, no doubt you’ll have noticed the large European looking building among all the old Edo buildings. If you’ve been in the last year, you may have been curious as to why it was behind hoarding. Well, it is because the buildingRead More →