Hodosan ropeway

The Hodosan ropeway offers not only magnificent views, but a shortcut to the top of Mt Hodo (Hodosan). Mt Hodo is a vibrant mountain with great views in Nagatoro Town, a picturesque and tourist town of the Chichibu District. In recent years, Hodosan is a popular place to watch theRead More →

Nagatoro wintersweet

There used to be two separate flower festivals in Nagatoro in winter. However, since 2021 they have been merged into one event they call the Nagatoro Winter Flower Story. But the period for both is different. The flowers in question, or more accurately tree blossoms, are wintersweet (robai) and plumRead More →

Naritasan Kawagoe Betsuin Hongyoin Temple is a branch of the Naritasan Shinsoji Buddhist Temple of Narita, Chiba. It has a very interesting, but complex history with many layers of detail. The founder Ishikawa Tomegoro, with the financial backing of wealthy locals, restored what was previously the ruined Hongyoin Temple toRead More →