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Information for the Todagahara Primrose “Sakurasou” festival at Saiko Doman Green Park, Toda City, in 2024.

Todagahara Primrose Festival

The official flower of Saitama Prefecture is the Japanese primrose “sakurasou”. The Tajima area of Saitama City is most famous for sakurasou in Saitama, but they also grow sakurasou in Toda City. Todagahara is a nature restoration area, along the Arakawa Riverbed, in Saiko Dōman Green Park in Toda City. The one day festival is on, weather permitting, Sunday the 7th of April from 11 am to 3 pm. There will be food trucks at the park on the day. They have a brass band, and activities such as Jumbo karuta and kirigami, which are held at the Saiko Nature Study Center. In addition, mascot Todami chan, will be available for photos!

Saiko Dōman Green Park

Saiko Doman Green Park is one of the most frequented parks in Saitama Prefecture with an estimated of more than one million visitors each year. The park is renowned for offering a natural environment with beautiful flowers throughout the seasons. Moreover, it has several convenient facilities, such as an all year round barbecue area, sports grounds, water sports, fishing and cycling.


Primrose Festival at Saiko Doman Green Park in Toda City

Event: Todagahara Primrose Festival 戸田ヶ原さくらそう祭り

Date: Sunday April 7th 2024, weather permitting. The event will be cancelled if there is rain.

Time: from 11 am to 3 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Picnic Square, Todagahara Primrose Garden, Saiko Doman Green Park 彩湖・道満グリーンパーク 戸田ヶ原サクラソウ園(ピクニック広場), 8-15-4 Bijogi, Toda City. View on Google Maps.


You can get a Kokusai Kogyo bus from JR Saikyo Line’s Musashi-Urawa Station. It takes about 15 minutes. There is parking at the park, for 1260 cars, but it is charged. It costs 200 yen for up to two hours and then 100 yen per hour thereafter. It is capped at a maximum charge of 1200 yen per day. The park is only about five minutes, by car, from the Toda Nishi Interchange of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway. In addition, the park is about ten minutes from the Toda Minami Interchange of the Metropolitan Expressway.

Official event web page

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