plumed cockscomb aka celosia aka keito at Shinrin Park 2021

Information for the plumed cockscomb, also known as Celosia (or Keito in Japanese), in 2021 at Shinrin Park aka Musashi Kyuryou National Government Park, Namegawa Saitama Prefecture. Shinrin Park have cancelled dozens of events during the pandemic. However, almost all of their flower displays have been open to the public throughout the pandemic (bar May 2020). I went to see the 2021 plumed cockscomb in early October 2021 and 90% of the flowers were in full bloom. The featured photo at the top of the post is from October 2021.

Plumed Cockscomb Shinrin Park

plumed cockscomb aka celosia aka keito at Shinrin Park 2021
October 6th 2021

In the inaugural year of a cockscomb display in Shinrin Park, there were about 50,000 plumed cockscomb, pictured below. The display was at the West gate. Between 2018 and 2020 there was ten times that with approximately 500,000. But for those years the display was at the “Undo Hiroba” near the Ponpoko Mountain in the center of the park. However, in 2021 the display is slightly smaller at 400,000 as this year it has been moved back to the West gate hiroba. They’ve added a lovely walkway through the flowers, making the display even more picturesque than in 2017 – the last time the keito were near the West entrance. Moreover, you can get better photos now thanks to this walkway.

Cock's comb
Cock’s comb at the West gate “hiroba” in 2017.

In both 2019 and 2020 the plumed cockscomb were in bloom from the last week of August and came into full bloom early September.  Below are a couple of photos them in August 2019, when they were at the “Undo Hiroba”. HOWEVER, in 2021 they were planted later and came into bloom around the end of September. Prime viewing is right now for another week or so.

There are various colors in the celosia display at Shinrin park each year. The red and yellow are particularly dominant, but there are also orange, purple and pink in the mix too.


Park entry is 450 per adult, no charge for children.


The coleus / plumbed cockscomb / keito in 2021 are at the “West gate Hiroba” which is beside the large “Musashi Dome” playground and close to the adventure playground too. When the keito are grown at the “Undo Hiroba” (beside the air trampoline) you can also see kochia too. But this year there is no kochia beside the keito.

The nearest train station is Shinrin Koen Station on the Tobu Tojo line. You can get a bus to the West gate of the park from the station:

From Shinrin-koen Station on the Tobu Tojo Line

You can get a direct bus from Shinrin-koen station on the Tobu Tojo Line station on weekends only. There is also a daily bus from Shinrin-koen station, bound for Kumagaya Station and / or Rissho Daigaku. This bus goes to the “Shinrin Koen West exit”, which is the gate nearest the flowers. You can walk from the station too, but it takes about 40 minutes on foot to the South Gate. From the South Gate it would be a further 20 to 30 minute walk to the plumed cockscomb.

You can actually also get a bus from JR Kumagaya Station that is going toward Shinrinkoen station. It stops at both the South and West exits of the park. The West exit is the closest gate to the flowers in the park. Its only a few minutes walk from the west gate to the display.

If you are coming by car, there is plenty of parking. Its a flat rate of 650 yen for the day. At the central and south gates there are additional independent parking lots. They are cheaper than the park’s parking costs. However, they are normally only open on weekends and public holidays. And some of them are quite a distance from the gate.

For more information on Shinrin Park:

Official website

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