Shiroyama Park Cherry Blossom Light up

Shiroyama Park Cherry Blossom Light in 2024.

The most famous spot for Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms in Okegawa City is Shiroyama Park. This is a great location for hanami with children or for families, with playgrounds and a barbecue area. And flower lovers may appreciate the section of trees that are contrasted with tulips. The cherry blossom trees should start to bloom in the coming days. The most recent sakura forecasts predicted that they would start flowering today, March 24th 2024. However, the tree is still in the budding stage.

Shiroyama Park Cherry Blossoms

Shiroyama Park has more than 200 beautiful mature somei yoshino cherry blossom trees. There is an avenue of cherry blossoms on one side of the main playground and a picnic area full of sakura trees on another. They also have about a dozen “jyugatsu sakura” October cherry blossom trees on the North end of the park, behind the lake and look out that marks the site of the old castle. Jyugatsu Sakura bloom twice a year – once in Autumn and then again in spring.

Cherry Blossom Light UP

During the bloom season they put up festival lanterns and light them at night. They also have a festival each year, but I didn’t get the information up in time. It was today and yesterday! Like so many cherry blossom festivals this year, it was on before the trees have even started to flower. Thankfully the light up is on for much longer. This year it started on March 16th and will be on nightly until April 6th 2024, between 5 and 9 pm. During that period the south parking lot will stay open until 9 pm.


As of March 31st 2024 there are quite a few blossoms open on several trees. Moreover, there are some other really beautiful trees blossoms flowering. And the tulips have started to bloom too. All of the photos in the gallery above were taken on March 31st 2024.


Event: Shiroyama Park Cherry Blossom Light up 城山公園さくらライトアップ

Dates: Saturday March 16th to Saturday April 6th 2024

Time: from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee and no parking charges

Venue: Shiroyama Park, 2839-11 Kawataya, Okegawa, Saitama 363-0027. View on Google Maps.


Shiroyama Park is an approximate 15 minute bus ride from Okegawa Station’s West exit. Take a bus bound for Kawagoe Station 川越駅 and alight at Kawataya shisho Bus Stop 川田谷支所.

By car it is 5 minutes from the Okegawa – Kitamoto interchange of the Ken-O Expressway. It takes about one hour by car from Tokyo. There are two parking lots, but only the south parking lot will open late for the occasion.

Official event page – no longer live because the festival is over. Okegawa City Official website.

More information about the barbecue and other facilities at the park;

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