Isanuma Park Cherry blossom festival

Isanuma Park Cherry Blossoms – Isanuma park in Kawagoe is a popular spot to enjoy Hanami for locals. There are cherry blossoms along the river at the playground as well as cherry blossoms lining the street that separates the lake from the park.

Isanuma Park Cherry Blossoms

Isanuma Park Cherry Blossom Festival
Beautiful cherry blossom trees beside the playground in Isanuma Park

Isanuma Park cherry blossoms – We have enjoyed hanami (picnic under the cherry blossom) along the river under the beautiful blooms. What’s great about this park is that it is quite small so you can see the playground from many of the hanami spots. The playground is very popular with children as it has quite a lot of climbing and some of the equipment is the type you don’t see in many other places.

End of March and the first week of April is usually a good time to see the cherry blossoms and enjoy hanami in this park in Kawagoe. They usually have a cherry blossom festival. You will find the update information on the event calendar: –

More information on the playground at Isanuma Park (click).

There is a beautiful flower garden near Isanuma park where cosmos and autumn sunflowers grow in September and summer sunflowers in August. And in July the marsh blooms lotus flowers. More information here.


Address: 584 Numata, Isanuma, Kawagoe 〒350-0855 埼玉県川越市 大字伊佐沼字沼田町584

TEL: +81 49-222-1301


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