Saitama's latest large scale night illumination. Valley of Light, Chichibu Illumination, Shibazakura moss phlox illumination

Latest update December 2022 – This event is not on in 2022. And it doesn’t look like it will be on in January 2023 either.

Valley of Light is Saitama Prefecture’s brand new illumination display. Every year when I’m writing up the “ten places to see illumination” in Saitama, I’ve always thought one thing Chichibu is missing is a large scale illumination display. They do have icicle light up in January and February, but only on the weekends. Moreover, icicle light up and illumination are not quite the same! But as of Christmas Eve 2021, now Chichibu does have a large scale illumination spot! And it looks particularly beautiful. The display uses one million LED lights to replicate the famous scenes of the Chichibu area. In addition, they use music and sound to amplify the sensory experience.

Chichibu Illumination

The latest addition to Saitama’s night illumination is at Union Ace Golf Club. Union Ace Golf Club is located in the Shimo Yoshida area of Chichibu City, on the border of Ogano town. It is the first time a golf club in Chichibu has hosted a night illumination display. The golf club has a three star hotel on the grounds, Hotel Union Vert.

The illumination will be on display nightly until March 31st, between 5 and 9 pm. It costs 1000 yen per adult for a ticket purchased on the night or 800 yen for a ticket bought in advance. The price for children is 500 yen on the night, or 400 yen for a ticket bought in advance. There is no charge for children under three years old.

Valley of Light

The illumination display is called “Valley of Light”. It comprises four separate areas which depict a famous scene of Chichibu with lights. They have a one way system for viewing the lights, that winds through the four areas:

1. Shibazakura Area

Saitama's latest large scale night illumination. Valley of Light, Chichibu Illumination, Shibazakura moss phlox illumination
From the official website, linked in the information section

The first area of the display is the Shibazakura Area. It mimics one of Saitama’s most famous scenes in Chichibu: the moss phlox hill of Hitsujiyama Park.

2. Chichibu area

From the Shibazakura area you arrive at the Chichibu area, which was designed to reflect the rich green nature that Chichibu is known for.

3. White Area

The official site says the white area was designed to create a mysterious, romantic space. They could have claimed the white represents the icy scenes Chichibu is famous for. Such as, the Otaki Ice festival, the Ashigakubo Icicles and the Onouchi Valley.

4. Nagatoro Valley Area

valley of light chichibu illumination
Image from the Chichibu Keizai Shimbun

The fourth and final area depicts the Nagatoro Valley area. There is a light show in this area that is coupled with an original sound track.

About / In the area

Yoshida is known as rocket town for the rocket festival they host every year. In spring, the Yoshida area has beautiful peach blossoms. And in summer you can see Marigold. The golf course and hotel are located close to the Ogano border. As such Chichibu Muse Park is relatively close: about 10 to 13 minutes by car. It is a prime viewing area for the first sunrise of the year.

Valley of Light, Chichibu Illumination 2022
Address:8371-3 Shimoyoshida, Chichibu, Saitama 369-1503
Dates:from Christmas Eve 2021 to Thursday March 31st 2022.

Closed February 13th and 14th due to the snow.
Hours:5 pm to 9 pm
Cost:Adult: 1000 yen (800 yen if you buy in advance)
Child: 500 yen (400 yen if you purchase in advance). No charge for children under 3 years old.
Online:Official event web page
Union Ace Golf Club website
Hotel Union Vert
Chichibu Keizai Shimbun


It is quite difficult to get to the location by public transport as there is no shuttle bus. The nearest station is Seibu Chichibu station, but it is more than 2 hours on foot. If you get a taxi from the station it is about a 25 minute ride.

By car: the hotel is located about 40 minutes from the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu interchange.

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