Chikouzan Park Zoo – With the Saitama Children’s Zoo practically on our doorstep, we rarely go to other zoos. However, occasionally we visit the family friendly Chikouzan Park and tack on a visit to the zoo there.

What zoos are there in Saitama?

Tobu Zoo
Saitama Children’s Zoo
Chikouzan Park Zoo
Hodosan Zoo
Omiya Park Zoo (Small)
Maruyama Park Zoo (Small)
Kitamoto Children’s Park Zoo (extremely small)

CHikouzan park zoo Vending machine with animal feed

What I like about the Chikouzan zoo is you can feed some of the animals. For 100 yen you get a capsule of food.  There are various feeding stations, but today we just did the sheep/goats, monkeys and ducks.  The capsules costs can add up if you have a few kids, but unlike the Saitama Children’s zoo in Takasaka (which is an excellent zoo) the parking is free. 

Other things you can see / do in the park include a petting corner, a pony ride, a guinea pig show and a capybara onsen. They also have various seasonal events, which often feature on the event pages of this blog.

There are other attractions in the park too.   The park’s entry is free, as are the use of the playgrounds.

Chikozan Park Zoo Information

Official website

Cost: The entrance to Sayama’s zoo is only 200 yen for adults and 50 yen for children of school going age. Feed, rides and seasonal events have individual charges starting from 100 yen.

Chikouzan Park Access

You can get a Seibu Bus bound for the park from Sayamashi station.

Parking available in front of the zoo and in other car parking lots for the park.

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