Suitable for a day trip from Tokyo, Chikozan park is a Multi-purpose park with Campsite, BBQ, Zoo, Fishing, Sport facilities, Athletic Playground, Multi-use Playground, Beautiful Flora and Fauna.

Chikozan Park

Chikozan Park in Sayama is close to the controversial proposed site of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Golf Tournament. It is a beautiful vast park with lots of attractions for all types and ages.


There are two playgrounds in the park. Both are set in a wooded area which affords plenty of shade and protection from the elements. Moreover, they are beside each other too, so kids can run between both and enjoy a couple of hours of fun.

The athletic playground was undergoing work for our last 3 visits since the start of the year, but according to the website it is back open for public use. Update February 2017: most of the old equipment of the athletic playground has been removed and they are currently putting in new equipment. Two of the new pieces and one of the old are currently open for use. The general playground is colourful with some unique equipment.

Zoo / Camp

About a 15 minute walk from these playgrounds is the zoo (more information on the zoo: Chikozan Park Zoo). Past the zoo is a marsh with a boardwalk running through it leading to the camping grounds. This used to be the main barbecue area, but they added another barbecue and picnic area around 2020 (see next paragraph). The camping grounds has two wooden cottages, which are very reasonable to rent. But due to their affordable price, it is quite hard to get a booking at them. There is other accommodation in Chikozan in the Welfare Center.

Barbecue – temporarily suspended

Chikozan Park barbecue area

The welfare center used to take of the BBQ facilities and you could order BBQ food sets from them. Due to the Coronavirus the barbecue area is temporarily closed. Its not taped off or anything, at least it wasn’t when I was there last, but they are not taking bookings for it. The official period of closure was until May 19th 2021, but they have said even after that they will not be taking reservations indefinitely. They will update the official website when they resume bookings.

Sports facilities and fishing center

Sporting facilities include a large sports hall with table tennis, training room, running course, martial arts dojo and many more. There are tennis courts near the children’s zoo. Near the campsite there is a large fishing center. There is a club house in this area.


Chikozan park restaurant

Beside the tennis courts there is a family restaurant. It is a Japanese style restaurant with a raised tatami section which is useful with small kids. The kid’s meal is reasonably priced and quite nice too (pictured above).

The park and its parking are free, but you do need to pay into the zoo (which is very reasonable) and to use some of the facilities such as the tennis courts and camping grounds. You can book online, however their website is in Japanese only.

Seasonal flowers

I particularly recommend Autumn, for the leaf colors, and Cherry Blossom season as a prime time to visit Chikozan park. There is one garden in the park with a number of Cherry Blossoms around a lake. The zoo also has some lovely cherry blossoms pictured below. More information on the zoo here. In May you can enjoy roses and in June Iris. Furthermore, they have a greenery event when the Iris are in bloom. Moreover, the botanical garden has various different blooms and looks picturesque all year round.

cherry blossoms chikozan park zoo

Chikozan Park Information

Parts of the park can be accessed at all times, but the car parks and various facilities have varying opening and closing times. Generally speaking the park is most accessible between 9 am and 4.30 pm. There are toilets in various locations in the park.


You can get a Seibu Bus bound for the park from Sayamashi station.

Parking available in front of the zoo and in other car parking lots for the park.

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics the area of Sayama may well be a pre-games training camp host for RUGBY. The training camp grounds are at Secom Rugby Field very near this park.

In the Area

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  1. Beautiful colors! I love the contrast of the red and gold leaves against the other greenery. That looks like such a calm, uncrowded park! 🙂

    1. Author

      I was really surprised by just how calm it was. Yesterday, was overcast so I wonder if people feared rain. Also, the little zoo that’s in the park is closed on Mondays so I guess people frequent it when its open. The tranquility was nice though 🙂

      1. Yeah! It’s so rare to find some tranquility in Tokyo – especially in the busy seasons when people are hustling to look at autumn foliage!

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          3. Ooo yes please, Santa! 🙂 I agree – Japan is such a great place to travel. There are so many places on my bucket list that I have yet to hit – Furano, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, etc etc etc!! I regret not taking a year after high school or college to travel now. If only there was an equivalent adult-like sabbatical! 🙂

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