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Shoe Fitting Saitama – I remember the joy of finding a Clarks shoe shop in Tokyo, Omotesando, only to find out that they don’t do the children’s range in Japan. Like so many Irish (and British?) I grew up, figuratively and literally, in Clarks shoes! I wanted to be able to give my children the same start in life with the right fitting shoes, but lo and behold in Japan proper shoe fitting is something that is severely lacking. Yes, you can measure your child’s foot in some stores with a measuring board, but it’s not the same as having a Clarks’ clerk measuring both the length AND breadth of your child’s feet.

HOWEVER, the new lalaport with all its paraphernalia, is bringing us a step closer (pun intended!) to good fitting shoes for children. They have a contraption (pictured) that electronically measures the length, breadth and circumference of feet.  They even print out the results and hand them to you with the recommended shoe size for your child and information on the back about feet and shoes sizes.  The only thing is, that unlike Clark’s shoes, their shoes do not come in different width sizes, just length. The free print out, and the double points I received on my member’s card for having a Lalaport Kids Club card, made up for that little misdemeanour!

The website for the chain store is

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Shoe fitting Saitama: Genki Kids in Lalaport, Fujimi


    1. Author

      It’s fun for them. We’ve been to Lalaport a few times now, it’s wonderful. :-). If you ever see us there, a flustered Irish woman with 4 kids in tow, please stop me to say hello!! 🙂

  1. I have been looking for a place that would properly measure and check my girls’ feet. Thank you, can’t believe I have walked by Genki Kids so many times but never knew!

    1. Author

      Thanks for reading Danielle. 🙂 It might be a new service… or maybe not every branch has one… it’ll be interesting to hear if yours does.

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