Laketown Christmas and Santa

Aeon Lake town Christmas 2022 – Christmas Market and events, including Santa Claus Visit information.

Before the pandemic, this post also contained information for the winter illumination and outdoor ice rink. However, since the pandemic began Christmas has been quite a different at Aeon Lake Town. But as last year (2021), this year Santa Claus is visiting the mall again and they will have a Christmas market. They will also have a few more events than they did in 2021.

Aeon Lake town is Japan’s largest shopping center. It is located in Koshigaya City in Saitama, close to the border of Tokyo. The mall is comprised of an outlet plus two large malls called “mori” (which is also Japan’s longest mall) and “kaze”. Please take a note of which location the Christmas events are on – there is quite a distance between “mori”, “kaze” and the outlet.

Lake town Koshigaya Christmas 2022

This year, most of the Christmas events are being held in the Mori mall. Lake Town normally has an outdoor seasonal ice rink each winter. However, at this moment in time, it is not scheduled for 2022 / 2023 (that I can find). But they do have a ‘Snow Day’ this year. More on that and all their festive events below.

Like all events this year, these events are subject to change depending on the situation with the pandemic. Always check with the official website, linked in the ‘information section’ for any last minute changes.

  1. Christmas Market
  2. Snow Day
  3. Christmas Music
  4. Food event
  5. Santa Claus visit
  6. Christmas Crafts / Workshops
  7. Other events

1. Christmas Market

This year the Christmas Market is shorter than in previous years. It is only on for two days on Saturday December 10th and Sunday December 11th. It starts at 10 am and finishes at 7.30 pm. This year the market is being held at the “Sora no Hiroba” at the Outlet (not Mori Town like in previous years). There will, however, be a game market on the same days in Mori Town.

There will be live performances on both days. At 1 pm there is Hula Dance performances and at both 2 pm and 4 pm there will be harp performances. However, if it is raining the Hula dance performance will be cancelled. Moreover, Santa Claus is coming to play at the market on the Sunday, the 11th, from 3 pm.

2. Snow Day

For one day only, on Christmas Eve, there will be a free snow event at Lake Town’s Outlet. However, it is limited to 50 children. There will be five different sessions and each time up to 10 children can participate. Children need to be over four years old to take part. You need to have a LINE account to participate. At this moment in time, December 2nd 2022, there are open places for each time slot. Official event details.

3. Christmas Concerts / Music

  • Winter Concert on December 3rd at Kaze’s Hikari no Hiroba
  • Brass band at Kaze’s Hikari no Hiroba on December 4th
  • Gospel Choir at the Outlet’s Sora no Hiroba at the Outlet on December 18th at 11 am and 1 pm
  • Kaze will host two mini (around 45 minutes) Christmas concerts on Christmas Eve (December 24th) – at 11 am and 2 pm.
  • Christmas concert from 11 am to 7 pm on Christmas Day at the Outlet’s Sora no Hiroba. There will also be kitchen cars (food vans) in the area on the day.
  • There will also be a free Jonny Dynamite Christmas concert at “Kaze” on Christmas Day too, for about 40 minutes from 6 pm.

4. Food event

This one made me spit out my tea with laughter… Aeon Lake Town will have a “Holy Barbecue” (their blasphemy not mine!) on December 18th and 24th. On the 18th it is on 3rd Avenue beside the Forest Bridge. On the 24th it will be beside the Sora no Hiroba. Both are at the Outlet, both days its from 10 am to 7.30 pm.

5. Santa Claus Greeting

In 2021, they had a free Santa photo event (in front of the Christmas tree) with a professional photographer for AEON MALL app members. Currently, there is no such information for 2022. But Santa Claus will be visiting MORI in Lake Town on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He will be walking around the mall and you can find him at these locations:

  • 1 pm at Mizu no Hiroba
  • 2 pm in front of JTB on the 3rd floor
  • 4 pm around the Mame no Ki Stage on the 2nd floor
  • 5 pm at Mizu no Hiroba
  • 6 pm in front of JTB on the 3rd floor

They have not yet clarified whether you can get a photo taken with him or not.

Official event flyer.

Another place to visit Santa in Saitama Prefecture in 2022.

6. Christmas crafts / workshops

  • December 10th – make your own Santa Ornament for 300 yen (MORI)
  • Sunday December 18th – make a Christmas bottle ornament for 300 yen (MORI)
  • Christmas Eve and Day (24th – 25th) – Sumikkogurashi Candle workshop, from 1760 yen (MORI)


There are dozens of other events on at Lake Town during December, including (but certainly not limited to) a Pokemon event and Sumikkogurashi candy floss event! In addition, there are several pop up shops at the mall. Such as a Capybara-san pop up and a Howacoloclub pop up until the New Year. In addition, they currently have a Mofusand popu up shop until December 16th.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a central page to direct you to. In order to find information for their events and pop up shops you basically need to through each of the three websites individually: Outlet, Kaze and Mori. And not just their event sections as not all events are shown on their event pages! Point in case, the Santa visit and the 300 yen workshops above where not on their event lists today, I found them by going through several of the website’s pages! Moreover, some information is only exclusively shown on the App or LINE.

Aeon Lake town Information

Address: 〒343-0828 Saitama, Koshigaya, Lake Town, 3 Chome−1−1

Access: Mori Mall is a one minute walk from JR Koshigaya Lake Town Station and Kaze and the Outlet are also within walking distance. Parking available for 8,200 cars! The first five hours are free. (Cinema users get six hours free). After the free period it costs 100 yen per 30 minutes.

Official Laketown website 

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