A Vintage Car at a Classic Car Festival in Saitama Prefecture

Last year for the 50th anniversary of Kawajima Town in central Saitama they had a classic car festival. It was actually the second time the festival was on in Kawajima, but it was so popular that they are hosting again this year and it looks set to become an annual event. This classic car festival is a travelling exhibition so you can frequently see a display of classic cars at various locations in Saitama Prefecture, particularly in Autumn.

※Unless stated otherwise, the photos in this post were taken at the same festival but at different locations (i.e. not in Kawajima) in Saitama Prefecture. Disclaimer: There are no guarantees that the cars you see in this post will participate in the Kawajima event this October.

Car Festival in Kawajima

The official title of the event is “Car Festival in Kawajima”, because this year there will be more than just classic cars. However, the base touring festival is mainly a classic car affair. In 2021, there were 210 cars on display, in 2022 there were about 260. They haven’t disclosed yet how many About 300 cars will participate in the 2023 festival. The participating car owners come from all over Japan, not just from Saitama. And there are international cars, not just Japanese cars.

You can take photos of the cars, sometimes (but rarely) you are allowed sit in them. But usually the police participate too and they allow you sit in their classic police cars. Some of them have their engines on display as well as displays of information about the cars. There are usually a couple of food and / or handmade goods booths at the festival, but currently there is no additional information available.

>>The Shimoyatsubayashi Cosmos Flowers were later to bloom this year and just came into full bloom on Wednesday October 18th 2023, just in time for the car festival! This is one location that allows you pick the flowers for free…


Event: The 3rd annual Car Festival in Kawajima

Date: Sunday October 23rd 2023

Time: 10 am to 3 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Kawajima Town Hall, 870-1 Shimoyatsubayashi, Kawajima, Hiki District, Saitama 350-0192. View on Google Maps.


By car, the Kawajima Town Hall is about a five minute drive from the Kawajima Interchange of the Ken-o expressway. The town hall’s parking lot is used for the festival so you can’t park there, but there is both a community center and a park beside the town hall that have parking lots. The Autumn roses in the park, home to Japan’s longest rose tunnel, should be in bloom at the time.

Its a little tricky to get to by public transport as there is no train station in Kawajima Town. You would have to get a bus from either Wakaba Station or Kawagoe Station on the Tobu Tojo line. They are very infrequent. The bus from Kawagoe Station that brings you closest is the bus bound for the Konosu Drivers License Center. Alight at “Yatsubayashi” and walk about 20 minutes.

Official Event Web Page.

>>Kawajima Town is famous for its swans. In the past a few have arrived by the end of October, but in recent years its mainly November. It maybe even later this year, due to the warmer than usual weather…


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