Terasaka Rice terraces higanbana red spider lily cluster amaryllis from the official Yokoze Tourism website

Cluster Amaryllis / Higanbana  / Red spider lilies at the Terasaka terraced Rice fields in Yokoze. In 2020 the Terasaka Terraced Rice fields are off limits to the public. Not only was the festival not on, they announced that they would be cutting all the red spider lilies to deter people from visiting the area. However, it turned out they didn’t cut them! But thankfully people got the message and few visited. The Official notification in 2020 here (click). In 2021, there is (currently) no such notification.

What is another name for cluster amaryllis?

The cluster amaryllis is a flower of many names. In Japan, they are most frequently called Higanbana or Manjushage. In English the most common name is red spider lilies. They are also known as red magic lily, equinox flower, hurricane flower (to name but a few) and the scientific genus of Lycoris radiata. 

Where are the three red spider lily fields in Saitama?

The most famous and largest is Kinchakuda in Hidaka. Gongendo Park in Satte is also widely known. The Terasaka terraced rice fields is the third and least known of the red spider lily fields in Saitama. There are also several off the beaten path red spider lily spots in Saitama, such as at Yoshimi Sakura Tsutsumi Park (which may actually be better known in 2021 thanks to Instagram) and Tenjinbashi in Kawajima. There are also several places to see spider lilies in Kawagoe, such as the Spider Lily lane and Kawagoe park.

What are the Terasaka terraced rice fields?

The Terasaka terraced rice fields are several tiered rice fields in the Yokoze area of Chichibu in Saitama. They are one of only a few remaining tiered rice fields in Japan. Each individual rice field is flat with its neighboring fields a level below and above. Together they create a stairway of paddy fields. There is 55,000 meters squared of the fields and they are back dropped by Chichibu’s tallest peak, Mount Buko. 

Candle night at terasaka terraced rice field where there is also a cluster amaryllis or red spider lily, festival

Candle night. From the Yokoze website.

In recent years the Terasaka terraced fields have enjoyed increased tourism, particularly in the summer when they have a candle night and firefly viewing.

Cluster Amaryllis at Terasaka Terraced Rice Fields 

Terasaka Rice terraces higanbana red spider lily cluster amaryllis from the official Yokoze Tourism website
Image from the Yokoze Tourism Website

There are close to two million red spider lilies at Terasaka terraced paddy fields. Initially they planted 1.5 million and over the years the number increased. Spider lilies are often referred to as equinox flower because they bloom, as the name suggests, close to the autumnal equinox (23rd of September). For many, they indicate a change in the seasons; from summer to autumn. 

Festival Information

There is no festival in 2021. There was none in 2020 either. When it is on, the event is free in, but they welcome a 200 yen contribution to the upkeep of the flowers and the terraced rice fields.


You can walk or take a bus from Seibu Chichibu line’s Yokoze Station. It takes about 15 minutes on foot. 

If you are coming by car there is official parking available near the rice terraces for 20 cars. If it is full you can also park at Water park Shirayama ウォーターパークシラヤマ. The town strongly requests that you do not park on the side of the road by the terraces.

Official website

Map in the grey details box at the bottom of the post. 

First posted in 2016. Updated annually. Last re-publish in June 2021 and updated in September 2021.

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