Cocoon City Night Illumination

Cocoon City Illumination 2023 ~ 2024 – This year the theme of the annual night illumination at Cocoon City is “Brilliant Promise”. Once again, they are increasing the number of lights used to make it the biggest illumination to date at the excellent mall in the heart of Saitama City.

Cocoon City Illumination

The Cocoon City illumination display just keeps on growing. From about 310,000 lights in 2020/21 to 370,000 lights in 2022/23 to 400,000 in 2022 / 23 to 450,0000 in 2023 / 2024. Their largest yet. There are a few other surprises too, outlined below. This year the lights are a champagne gold color. The illumination starts on Saturday November 11th and runs until Wednesday February 14th 2024. Their light up display always ends on Valentine’s Day annually. However, the Christmas elements, such as the ten meter tree, are always only available until Christmas day.

Cocoon City Night Illumination

Last year they added an eight light up display for the first time, but this year one of the ‘surprises’ is that they are adding two more. For a total of ten light display areas. This year the displays are at Cocoon Hiroba, Keyaki Walk, Hanamizuki Walk, Sakura Walk, Cocoon plaza, Kotsu Hiroba, Market Mall, Cocoon 1 Plaza entrance, Saitama Shintoshin east pedestrian deck and the east exit hiroba. Furthermore, there is even more illumination just a short walk away at Saitama Shintoshin aka Tamaari Town.

Christmas Tree

Cocoon City Night Illumination Christmas Tree Cocoon City Christmas
Cocoon City Christmas tree 2019

In addition, the Cocoon City illumination has a ten meter Christmas tree completely adorned with lights. It changes color to the music at intervals during the day. And they use projection mapping to light stars on the courtyard around the tree. However, the Christmas tree is taken down at the end of Christmas day.

Christmas Events

During the Christmas period they also have other events on, such as the very popular candle night. There is also a Christmas market. The Christmas events and illumination are seperate really, as the main illumination (excluding the Christmas tree) runs right until Valentine’s day. While the Christmas tree and Cocoon City Christmas events, such as the candle nights and workshops end on Christmas day. In addition, there are Christmas events at the neighboring Keyaki Hiroba (more information here). You can see specifics for Cocoon City Christmas (and New Year) here:

Illumination “Switch on” Event

The annual illumination at Cocoon City will be switched on at 5 pm on Saturday November 11th 2023. Weather permitting, they will have an opening ceremony at Cocoon 2 Hiroba for the illumination event on that day. It will not go ahead if it is raining. This year they will have two special guests: Hello Kitty and My Melody. The event starts at 2 pm with stage events. From 5 pm they will have the countdown event with more special Christmas stage performances. There is no charge for this or any of the illumination events at Cocoon City.

Fly Me To Saitama

Another of the special surprises this year, is an exclusive “Fly Me to Saitama” collaboration, to commemorate the release of the movie “Fly me to Saitama ~From Lake Biwa with Love~”. From November 14th to December 25th they will Fly me to Saitama ornaments on the Christmas Tree and / or illumination. If you find a Fly me to Saitama ornament and post it on SNS with “#Flying Saitama Shintoshin” + “#Cocoon City” or “#Keyaki Hiroba” you will be in with a chance to win a 10,000 yen Cocoon City shopping ticket! Moreover, on the first night, Saitama Day November 14th, Gackt himself will be at the event with other cast from the movie. They will also have photo spots and additional treats for MOVIX movie goers.

Cocoon City Illumination 2023 Information

Event: Cocoon City Illumination Brilliant Promise + Switch on Event + Fly me to Saitama event


Brilliant Promise – Saturday November 11th to Wednesday February 14th 2024

Christmas Lights – Saturday November 11th to Christmas Day December 25th 2023

Switch on Event with Hello Kitty – Saturday November 11th

Fly me to Saitama Event – Saitama Day November 14th to Christmas Day December 25th

Fly me to Saitama Special event – Saitama Day November 14th 2023

Time: illumination is on from 5 pm to 11 pm. The switch on event is from 2 pm. All other events in this post from 5 pm.

Price: Free

Venue: Cocoon City, 4-263-1 Kishikicho, Omiya Ward, Saitama City. Phone: 048-601-5050. View on Google Maps.


About a one minute walk from JR Saitama shintoshin Station, about an 8 minute walk from JR Kitayono Station.

Parking: Cocoon City is open from 10 am to 9 pm, but the parking is open from 9.00 am to 1.00 am. It costs 200 yen for 30 minutes, but if you have a Cocoon card or if you spend more than a 1000 yen in one shop you get one hour free parking. If you use the cinema you get 3 hours free parking.

Official website

Editor’s note: the theme in 2022 – 2023 was Sparkling Milkway and between 2019 and 2022 it was a start theme. The 2020 ~ 2021 event was suspended in January 2021 due to a State of Emergency.

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