the Sayama Ski Resort where there is a water fes with water sliders in summer

Water sliders / Water Fes at Sayama Skiing Grounds in 2024.

Since the Sayama Indoor Skiing Ground reopened in Autumn 2020 there have been quite a few changes. The best, in my humble opinion, is that they have found a fun way to make use of the indoor ski slopes with water sliders in summer. Although Sayama Ski is an indoor skiing ground of artificial snow, they never use it for skiing in summer. It is not completely indoors, so it would be very hard for them to keep the snow frozen in 40 degree temperatures! But they have found a way to make use of the slope in summer since 2020…

Water Fes Summer 2024

Water Fes is the name of the summer event at Sayama Ski. Three water sliders occupy the slopes and the winter snow park is transformed into a water play area for children. And in 2024 they are introducing a new “drenched slide” too, for a total of four slides. The water fes starts on Friday April 26th 2024.

Water sliders and Facilities

There are four sliders on the slopes. One is a long slide and two are “family” slides which are suitable for small children too. The fourth is called a “drenched slide”. You use tubes with two of the slides. You need to use the snow escalator to get to the starting point of the 220 meter long slide! Children need to be over 120 centimeters tall to use the longest slide. The two family slides are 140 meters long. For each of the three slides up to two people can ride together once the weight doesn’t exceed 150 kilograms.

Inflated bouncy castle play area at Sayama Ski even for the water fes with water sliders event in summer

There is also a water play area, with an indoor splash pool and inflated water fountains! The inflated play areas that are there in winter are also there in summer. I imagine they are too hot to use in the height of summer though. During the day they have water fight and bubbles at specific times. They also have a treasure hunt in the bubbles, which has an additional fee. During Golden Week they also have snow play time!

In addition, there is a little festival area for kids where they can fish for yo-yos or throw hoops. In total there are six activities. This area has an extra charge though. It costs 300 yen per activity or a book of six tickets (one ticket per activity) for 1500 yen.

Golden Week Events

They have special events during Golden Week as it is the opening week of the season. For example, in 2024 they have a collaboration with Sumikkogurashi. And as one of the extra special events you can meet Sumikko characters and get your photo taken with them between May 3rd and 6th. Each day a different character will visit, at noon and 3 pm. They will also have “bubble time” in the paddling pool for kids at 11 am and 3.30 pm. (Please check the official site for the most up to date schedule).

Lions Summer Festival

Please note that the Lions Summer Festival is on next door to the ski grounds two days during August and the area gets very congested. Moreover, the parking lot is closed to cars when the summer festival is on. Dates yet to be confirmed for 2024.


Event: Water Fes ウォーターフェス

Dates: Friday April 26th to Sunday September 29th 2024. Please note that after Golden Week until summer holidays the resort is only open from Friday to Monday. That is;

  • Daily from April 26th to May 6th
  • Fridays to Mondays only from Friday May 10th to Monday July 8th
  • Daily from Friday July 12th to Monday September 2nd
  • Fridays to Mondays from Friday September 6th to Monday September 29th

Time: 10 am to 5 pm, last entry at 4 pm.

Cost: the price has gone up again in 2024. A one day ticket for adults now costs 1500 yen and for children, 1300 yen on a regular day and 1900 yen for adults and 1700 yen for children on “special days”. The special days is new in 2024. It looks like they will be charging it on peak days. For example, you have to pay the higher price on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of opening weekend and again on from May 3rd to 6th. Weekends in summer are also the higher price on average.

Venue: Sayama Indoor Skiing Ground, 2167 Kamiyamaguchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama 〒359-1153. View on Google Maps.


Sayama Indoor Skiing Ground is right beside the Leo Liner Yamaguchi Line Seibu Kyūjōmae station. By car the ski resort is about ten kilometers from the Iruma Interchange of the Ken-o expressway. Parking is charged – it costs 1800 yen, flat rate, for one day.

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