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According to Yoshimi Town, not only will there be no Cosmos Festival in 2022, there will be no Cosmos Festival ever again. And they are not planning to even grow the cosmos this year or ever again. It is so sad, but who knows – maybe they will reconsider in the future.

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Today, September 29th 2021, Yoshimi Town announced that while there will be no cosmos festival again in 2021. However, they have actually grown the flowers this year. As far as I know, they didn’t grow them in 2020. They are expected to start blooming this week, with prime viewing around mid October. They usually last until the end of October.

Cosmos Yoshimi

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You are welcome to view the flowers in 2021 so long as you wear a mask and maintain social distancing. However, there will be no festival stalls or additional events like there are in a “normal” non pandemic year. Please note there is a very strict rule that you can not park on the roads. And there is a police box in view of the fields. See access section below to see where you can park.

There are about eight million cosmos in about 8.3 hectares of flower fields in rural Yoshimi. Thankfully they are beside three landmarks which makes them easier to find (see access). In a “normal” year they also have a large hot air balloon, when the festival is on, for extra visibility!

Cosmos Festival

There is no festival in 2021. Normally, the festival is generally on in the middle of October when the flowers are in their prime. In a ‘normal’ year, the festival is on from 10 am to 3 pm for the two days. During the festival you can pick flowers and edamame at an extra cost. It costs 300 yen to pick the flowers. They provide you with a scissors and a plastic bag which you return to the reception desk when you are finished. There is a hot air balloon you can ride for a nominal fee. You need to register early for the ride as they stop the rides by 3 pm. If there is strong wind or heavy rain this event will not go ahead. Unfortunately, all of the aforementioned (in this paragraph) have been confirmed as cancelled for 2021.

They also normally have scarecrows in the cosmos fields. Currently, there is no mention of them for 2021. In previous years we have seen Pikachu, Doraemon, a Stag Beetle, Snoopy, Kitaro and lots of other characters, including Chikochan pictured below, dotted around the fields.

Access Yoshimi Cosmos

The Cosmos fields are opposite a large and easily spotted Coca-Cola factory. (Unfortunately not one that you can tour, wouldn’t that be great!?). They are beside a few strawberry farms such as Imanishi farm. The most convenient landmark is Ichigo No Sato as that is where you can park. It is a medium sized roadside station with a nice playground, some restaurants and a farmer’s market. There is an ice-cream van and some food vans there too:

Also in the area:

Cosmos Yoshimi was last updated and republished on September 29th 2021.


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