Cosmos river bridge Fujimi Saitama Prefecture

The Fujimi Cosmos walkway along the Shingashi River is blooming lovely today. It is close to the Mizumiya “frog” shrine which has recently undergone a stunning transformation. In addition, Mizuko Kaizuka park in the area is an archeological site that preserves the land of a former Jomon period village. They even have some reconstructions of the pit houses in the park.

Fujimi Cosmos

The Fujimi Cosmos walkway, although not very big, is quite a popular spot. Perhaps, because it is quite scenic. The cosmos only stretch for about 600 meters of the “Fujimi Cycling Course”, but they are on either side of the path which creates a nice aesthetic. Furthermore, the Shingashi runs along the North of the walk adding to the aesthetic. In addition, for much of the walk, if you are walking east, the cosmos are backdropped by Kisome Bridge (as in the featured photo). However, if you are visiting for the cosmos rather than the walk, you wouldn’t need a lot of time as you can walk up and back in less than 15 minutes! Thankfully, there are a couple of other points of interest in the area…

Mizumiya Shrine

Frog statues at the entrance to Mizumiya Shrine, the frog shrine

The Makasan Hannyain Mizumiya Shrine underwent some renovations in recent years. Early on in the pandemic, so maybe spring 2020, I remember they were working on the approach to the shrine. It was such a lovely surprise today to see it not only completed, but looking even better than it did before. Apart from the work on the shrine approach, they have also upgraded their photo props, which are a regular feature at the shrine from what I can tell. The hoop throw fortune game is still in a corner of the precincts, behind the Inari Shrine.

Frog Shrine

Mizumiya Shrine frog komainu

The Japanese for frog is “kaeru”, which is also how you say “to go home” (but different kanji). There are a few different frog shrines in Saitama Prefecture. But the benevolence of this one in Fujimi has come to be known as “traffic safety”, presumably from the pun on the dual meaning of “kaeru”. There are frogs galore in the precincts. There are two frog guardians at the entrance to the shrine approach and another two at the steps to the main hall. Along the approach there are both frog statues and plaques depicting frogs. Moreover, there is a fortune telling frog, as in the Youtube Short below! There are even more frog statues and paraphernalia around the main hall. A must visit for any frog fans!

Frog fortune!

Official website

Mizuko Kaizuka Park

The Mizuko Shell Midden was a significant find on the grounds in 1917. It has been designated as a National Historic Site of Japan since 1969. Frankly, there is not much in the park. It is more an historic place of interest than the kind of park you play in. However, you can picnic in the park. And it is used by locals for walking. Moreover, of the five pit house reconstructions, you can actually enter one. They have a scene recreated of what life might have been like in a hut like this all those thousands of years ago! Roughly, the village is believed to have existed about 6000 years ago. There is also a museum on the grounds.

Official web page on the Fujimi City website.

Fujimi Cosmos Information

Attraction: Fujimi Cosmos Walkway コスモスの咲く散歩道

Season: Late September to early October

Address: 2 Chome-12-4 Kaizuka, Fujimi, Saitama 354-0012. View on Google Maps.

Hours: 24 hours

Cost: Free

Online: Official web page on the Fujimi City website

Both the Mizukokaizuka park and Mizumiya Shrine are less than a five minute walk from the Kisome Bridge along the cosmos walkway.


About a 20 minute walk from Tobu Tojo line Mizuhodai Station. Coming from the station you actually pass Mizuko Kaizuka Park and Mizumiya Shrine first. There is a bus stop at Mizuko Kaizuka park. The Fujimi loop bus stops there. There is also a Tobu bus for “Lalaport Fujimi” that goes from Shiki Station, alight at “寺下団地” Terashita Danchi bus stop.

Unfortunately, there is no official parking for the cosmos walkway. You can park, at your own risk, at one of the public parks. Unless you have permission, it is generally not advisable to park at a temple or shrine. If you are visiting Mizumiya Shrine, it has a large car park. But the car park at Mizukokaizuka Park is really small and well used. Today, somebody double parked in front of my car and I had to wait for them to move their car before I could get out!

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