Cherry Blossom Sakura Boat ride Shingashi River Kawagoe near Hikawa Shrine for the Koedo Spring Festival

A record of how the bloom of the Shingashi River progressed in 2022. Please see the main post about the Shingashi River Cherry Blossoms for this year’s information.

Update ⑥ April 7th 2022: they held on considerably well despite the heavy rain on Sunday and Monday. On the East of Hikawa Bridge they have thinned out a lot though and the river is quite pink with petals. But on the West side of the bridge they are still a bit fluffy. The river is pinking up there, but it eventually gets covered in a complete blanket of pink as you’ll see in photos further down. I’d say it’ll only be a couple of days until the blanket of pink! Possibly before the weekend is out. I don’t know if I’ll get back there now in time to see it, but if I do I will post again. Otherwise, this will be the last update for 2022.


Update ⑤ April 1st 2022: the petals started to fall considerably yesterday and today the bloom is looking much thinner. The petals weren’t falling as much today though. I have personally only ever timed it right once to see the river of pink, in 2017. Truth be told, it was more luck of being in the right place at the right time. Every time I’ve actually consciously tried to see the river filled with petals, I’ve missed it! So unfortunately I am not much help in advising when the best time to see the river of pink will be. If I had to guess, I would say Sunday if you want to see some blooms left on the tree too.

Also, FYI, Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine have changed the color of some of the pinwheels for the month of April.

Previous updates summarized

Update ④ 29th March 2022: the somei yoshino are in full bloom! The festival lanterns are not up and I confirmed with city hall: they won’t be going up this year. However, the boats are going up and down the river this year. Moreover, although they said they wouldn’t be and it is not advertised anywhere, they have been lighting up the cherries at night.

Update ③ March 25th 2022: they’re coming along nicely! The two kawazuzakura are still blooming, but there are a considerable amount of green leaves today.
Update ② March 22nd 2022: the trees have started to blossom! In addition, the two kawazuzakura on the other side of the bridge are now in full bloom too.
Update ① March 18th 2022: buds on the trees.

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In 2022, Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine had pinwheels for the centennial celebrations, but they normally don’t go up until June.

Editor’s note: published as Moteco on 2016.03.07. Used as the archive for the Shingashi River Cherry Blossoms since March 10th 2023.

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