Extended closures Saitama due to Covid19

Covid19 Saitama – This is the list of places that have re-opened or remained closed after the initial round of Covid19 closures in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Jump to open places.

Covid19 Closures Saitama

At the end of February 2020 dozens of places in Saitama Prefecture announced they would temporarily close their doors in a bid to help slow down the spread of novel coronavirus, Covid19. The temporary closures were by and large scheduled to end, today, Sunday March 15th 2020.

However, further to an appeal from the Government to extend temporary closures and dates of event cancellations, several places have opted to extend their temporary closure period. Many of them extended closure periods to March 31st. However, several have not yet released their planned re-opening date, just a note to say that when they decide they will post it on their websites.

Kokemus Moomin House Moominvalley park back open after Covid19

There are some places that have announced a reopening date and even a small handful who have decided not to extend their closures. There are also places, particularly factory tours, that had planned from the start to remain closed until April. Below information on the places that will remain closed from March 16th during the Covid19 outbreak in Saitama Prefecture in the Greater Tokyo area of Japan. (Jump to open places).

Extended Closures

Please note that there are likely to be changes again, so please do check with the official website for the most recent updates.

“Not fixed” indicates that the location is remaining closed, but has not yet decided on what date they will reopen and / or have not yet released an opening date to the public.

“New” indicates that the date was extended from the original date set at the end of February.

** indicates that the location has not indicated information either way as in Saitama Prefecture Museum of Literature.

The prefectural libraries are closed, but you can borrow online or by phone from the official website.

All the prefectural “genki plaza” have extended their closures to March 31st.

Factory Tours
Chukaman Museum3/1 – 3/31Official notice
Meiji Chocolate Factory3/2 – 3/31Official notice
Glico Pia Pocky Factory3/2 – 4/03
Official notice
Iwako Eraser Factory Tour(New) 4/04Official notice
Saitama Railway Museum(New) 3/31Offical notice
Museum of History and FolkloreNot fixedOfficial notice
Sakitama Ancient Burial MoundsNot fixedOfficial notice
Ranzan Historical MuseumNot fixedOfficial notice
Museum of Natural HistoryNot fixedOfficial notice
The Museum of Rivers2/29 – 3/16Official notice
MOMASNot fixedOfficial notice
Saitama Prefectural ArchivesNot fixedOfficial notice
Museum of Literature**Official notice
Kawaguchi Science Museum(New) 3/31Official notice
Skip City Visual Museum(New) 3/31Official notice
ALIT3/26Official notice
Peace MuseumNot fixedOfficial notice
Tokorozawa Aviation Museum(New) 3/31Official notice
Youth Astronomical Museum(New) 3/31Official notice
JAXA(New) 3/31Official notice
Bonsai Art Museum(New) 3/31Official notice
Saitama Prefectural Libraries
Kumagaya and Kuki
Not fixed
Borrow online
Official notice
Genki Plaza
Kazo Genki Plaza(New) 3/31Official notice
Otaki Genki Plaza(New) 3/31Official notice
Nagatoro Genki Plaza (New) 3/31Official notice
Ogawa Genki Plaza(New) 3/31Official notice
Kamikawa Genki Plaza(New) 3/31Official notice
Naguri Genki Plaza(New) 3/31Official notice
Zoo / Aquarium
Saitama Children’s Zoo
(were the last to close – March 5th)
(New) 3/19Official notice
Saitama Aquarium(New) 3/31Official website
Chikozan Park Zoo(New) 3/31Official notice
Tobu Zoo(New) 3/19Official notice
Omiya Park Zoo(New) 3/31Official notice
Seibu Amusement Park (New) 3/20Official notice
Kazo Miraikan Planetarium2/27 – 3/31Official notice
Trampoland Saitama(New) 3/23Official notice
CESS (under construction)~3/23Official notice
Ageo Waku Waku Land(New) 4/01Official notice
Musashi No Mura(New) 3/18Official notice
Smaland Ikea Shinmisato(New) 3/31Official notice
Little Planet Shinmisato(New) 3/18Official notice

Partially Closed

There are other places throughout Saitama that have enforced partial closures, but are thankfully still open to the public. For example, Shinrin Park (Musashi Kyuryo National Goverment Park) in Namegawa Town. They announced on Friday the 28th that they are closing all indoor facilities including restaurants and exhibition spaces, but the park itself is still open.

Open Places during Covid19

There are some places that currently have no official notifications of changes to their schedule or temporary closures. For example, most of the public parks are open per normal. Similarly cherry blossom sightseeing spots are for the most part open, although they have cancelled their Sakura Matsuri (cherry blossom festivals).

Also, and very surprisingly, several of the jidokan children’s community centers remained open (just cancelled events) during the recommended closure period until March 15th. There are hundreds throughout Saitama so I cannot possibly check each, but there is information on each of the municipalities official websites.

Moominvalley park opened back up for business as normal from Saturday March 14th.

Saiboku no Mori also reopened on Saturday March 14th.

Teamlab Islands in Lalaport Fujimi also reopened for business on Saturday March 14th.

The Saitama Prefecture Museum of Rivers will open back up on Tuesday March 17th.

Flystation Japan in Koshigaya has and is remaining open (for the moment anyway). At this current moment in time Airjoy in Kawagoe is also remaining open.

Matsuoka Brewery in Ogawa are currently remaining open to the public, they even put a note on their Facebook page to that effect.

Chichibu Muse Park have a note on their website to say hours may change and facilities may close, but apart from cancelling the plum blossom festival they haven’t made any other significant changes or closures. They have requested that people do not conduct drinking parties under the prunus trees this year.

Midori no Mura are also remaining open for now and just cancelling events. Kawaguchi Green Center has also remained open, but cancelled events. They are also closing off indoor areas.

Round1 also have not yet announced closures or a plan to close. However, until March 19th school students are not allowed enter the facilities until after 3 pm. The excellent Spocha (three floors of sports, games and play areas), which is a great place to let off steam, has also remained open.

The background image of this article is of rapeseed at Arakawa Tarouemon Nature Restoration Park. Rapeseed is currently blooming in various locations in Saitama Prefecture. A lot of the rapeseed, known as Nanohana in Japanese, are along riverside walks, which are currently less busy than parks and / or playgrounds.

Coronavirus Saitama Resources

In Saitama Prefecture, the Saitama Information & Support is offering telephone support services in 10 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Nepalese.

The service is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The phone number is 048-833-3296.

NHK World News

Click here for the official Saitama Prefecture Coronavirus web page, unfortunately Japanese language only. They do have a few articles in English (and other foreign languages) linked here (click).

Coronavirus information live and in English on NHK World.

Up-to-date information and useful resources in English on the Japan National Tourism Organization website. The linked page also shows attraction closures for Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara, but not Saitama.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Seibuen Seibu Amusement Park open during Covid19?

No, Seibuen aka Seibu Amusement Park was temporarily closed on February 29th initially planning to reopen on March 15th. However, further to Covid19 developments, they extended their closure period until Friday March 20th.

Is Metsa or Moominvalley Park open during Covid19?

Moominvalley park was closed until March 13th, while Metsa village remained open with shortened hours. Both opened up for business as normal on Saturday March 14th.

Is the Bonsai Village closed during Covid19 closures?

The Bonsai Art Museum was initially closed until Sunday March 15th, while the village itself remained open. However, further to Covid-19 developments, the museum extended its closure period until March 31st.

Is the Saitama Children’s Zoo open during Covid19?

The Saitama Children’s Zoo initally remained open in early March despite closures almost everywhere else due to the novel coronavirus. At first they just cancelled all events. However, they eventually announced a temporary closure until March 19th.


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