Bread in the shape of the Miffy character at Miffy Storehouse Bakery in Kawagoe

Dozens of new places have opened up in Kawagoe during the pandemic, but few have created as much as a social media frenzy as the Miffy Storehouse Kitchen and Bakery on Ichibangai. Ichibangai is the main thoroughfare of the tourist area of Kawagoe and the bakery / shop has a central spot close to Kawagoe’s landmark “Bell Tower”. So popular it is, you have to queue to get a ticket, to queue to get in! That is to the bakery, you can amble around the shop without a ticket. The ‘Miffy Kitchen’ chain itself is not new. The branch in Kawagoe is the eighth Miffy character bakery in Japan.

Miffy Storehouse Bakery

The ‘storehouse’ in the Kawagoe branch of Miffy Kitchen refers to the fact that the bakery (and shop) is housed in an old, restored ‘kura’ that Kawagoe is famous for. A ‘kura’ is a type of Japanese storehouse or warehouse. The bakery offers several different types of Miffy shaped / styled breads as well as “pan in a can”!

miffy shaped bread

Due to the popularity of the bakery, you currently need to get a ticket to get into the bakery. The bakery doesn’t open until 10 am, but they start giving out tickets at 9 am. Once the limit is reached for the day, they stop distributing tickets. After that, they open the bakery to everyone from 3 pm, but there is very little left to buy at that stage. The popularity will probably continue well into 2023, as 2023 is the year of the rabbit! Miffy goods will be in high demand at the start of the Year of the Rabbit in particular.

Miffy Storehouse Kitchen

The ‘Kitchen’ part is the shop. It sells all sort of Miffy merchandize. It is not particularly large, but it has a nice selection of goods that would make a great keepsake for Miffy fans. There are also a couple of photo spots in the Kitchen side of the storehouse.

Miffy storehouse and bakery pan in a can
“Pan in a can”

Also new in Kawagoe

A sample of some of the places that opened up in Kawagoe, while Japan was closed to international tourists:

Miffy Bakery Information

Address: 〒350-0063 Saitama, Kawagoe, Saiwaicho, 8−5. View on Google Maps.

Phone: 0492237282

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm. The shop part will open late, until 9 pm, on the Saturday night of the Kawagoe Festival, October 15th. On that day, the bakery will not be opened to everyone until 4.30 pm. From 4.30 pm to 6 pm only you can enter without a ticket.

Cost: from 270 yen for bread, pan-in-a-can from 713 yen, drinks from 389 yen, crepe ice-cream 540 yen.

Miffy bakery drink and ice-cream menu
Drink menu at the Miffy Bakery

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