Da Vinci Store Tokorozawa Sakura Town

Da Vinci Store – just one of dozens of new shops and attractions at the Tokorozawa Sakura Town. Tokorozawa Sakura Town is a unique entertainment mall. It is the brain child of Kadokawa Corporation and was developed with the cooperation of Tokorozawa City.

Da Vinci Store

The 507㎡ Da Vinci Store will open in Tokorozawa Sakura Town on November 6th 2020. It is a ‘new type of bookshop’ aiming to connect people and books through “discovery and association”. Kadokawa says, “we aim to be an “experience-based bookstore” that constantly provides new discoveries and experiences to our customers.”

To commemorate the opening of the Da Vinci Store, various events and campaigns are planned, such as the release of autographs by popular writers. There will aslo be a live YouTube feed from the store by singer-songwriter Kashitaro Ito.

Book selection

There are approximately 40,000 books in the store, including 5000 books and magazines from this year by Kadokawa Cooperation. It will also have approximately 10,000 different character and anime goods on sale, including exclusive goods. They also had merchandize from the EJ Anime Hotel, but that closed permanently on May 31st 2023. They also had goods from the Narita Anime Deck, which also closed permanently in 2023.

Da Vinci Store Sakura Town

It is managed by Kadokawa’s editorial department and overseen by Seigo Matsuoka “Editorial Engineer”, who is one of the many famous names associated with the design and/or execution of Sakura Town.  The store will also have an event space and seminar room. And they plan to host workshops also.

Tokorozawa Sakura Town

Da Vinci Store is just one of dozens of new attractions at Tokorozawa Sakura Town . It is opening on the same day as the grand opening of Sakura Town: Friday November 6th 2020. Several of the attractions are opening on that day, but a few have already opened or will open in September or October:

Exhibits at Kadcul (Kadokawa Culture Museum)

Kadokawa Corporation (publishers) announced the major “Cool Japan Forest Project” development Sakura Town in collaboration with Tokorozawa city a couple of years ago. Not much was known until a detailed report about the development came out earlier in this year in one of Kadokawa’s magazines:

The featured image at the very top and thumbnail is from the Kadokawa Tokorozawa Walker Magazine that was released on July 31st 2020.


Da Vinci Store Hours

The store is open from 10 am to 8 pm seven days a week.

The store doesn’t have its own website yet. There is a small bit on the official sakura town website.


The Da Vinci Store is located within the main building with BEC Gateway and the office spaces. It is on the 2nd floor which is actually at ground level. It is about a ten minutes walk from the Higashi Tokorozawa Station.

By car: the resort is about an eight minute drive from the Tokorozawa Interchange of the Kanetsu Expressway. Parking costs 200 yen for 30 minutes. However, the maximum you pay on a weekday is 600 yen and 1,800 yen on the weekend. The Sakura town main car park closes at 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday and at 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. “Dai Ni” and “Dai San” car parks are open 24 hours.

First published in the events section of insaitama.com on August 8th 2020. Updated and moved to the main blog section on October 23rd.

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  1. Looks great!
    I wonder what their English & Art sections will be like?

    I always used to love browsing for books in Tachikawa Orion to read on the train. Now that I drive to work, I’ve had to move to Audiobooks….

    1. Author

      Good point about the English books – that will be interesting to see. Blue Parrot was the only place I knew for English books for years, but about 8 years ago the book store in Kawagoe station (‘Books First’ maybe) improved their English section. It got me by until I caved to Amazon 😀

    1. Author

      Hopefully! They do seem to be marketing to the international market more than most, so it would be surprising if they don’t have any English (at least) literature.

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