Higasshimatsuyama Yosakoi 2023

The Higashimatsuyama Yosakoi Jinya is held annually in November, usually the first Saturday of November. The event was on in 2022 but I didn’t see the information until the day before the event was on, so I didn’t republish the event in 2022! During the pandemic I removed many event posts from the blog to avoid confusion, as so many were cancelled. I’ve been slowly adding them back since Autumn 2022, but to be honest, as Higashimatsuyama had cancelled so many events, I wasn’t expecting this particular event to be on last year! However, it was a festival lite with less than half the usual number of teams. This year its back to normal.

Higashimatsuyama Yosakoi Jinya

The Higashimatsuyama Yosakoi Jinya not a particularly large event, but it is loved by locals. Moreover, teams come from all over Japan. In 2023, there are twenty two teams and four children’s teams. This will be the 26th annual occurrence of the festival. There are three different venues where you can view the dancing. They are; in front of the General Assembly Hall, Higashimatsuyama Maruhiro parking lot and in front of Ryogen-do (stationery shop). The participating teams move between each venue, so if you are supporting a particular troupe you can watch them up to three times! There is also a food area at the festival too.

Currently there is no information on Higashimatsuyama official city website nor on their official tourist website, which is unusual because in the past it would be on one or the other. But there is an active Facebook page for the event with lots of details.


Event: Higashimatsuyama Yosakoi Jinya 東松山よさこい陣屋まつり

Date: Saturday November 4th 2023

Time: from noon to 4 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: in the general area of the Higashimatsuyama branch of the Maruhiro Department Store, 19-30 Zaimokucho, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama 355-0016. View on Google Maps.


The venue is about a five to ten minute walk from the beautiful Higashimatsuyama station. There is no official parking for this event.

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