Denjiro's Science Show

The Denjiro Science Show, live performance, report from Fresa Yoshimi, Summer 2019.

Denjiro Yonemura

Who is Denjiro Yonemura?

Denjiro Yonemura is a scientist, a former physics teacher, who frequently appears on TV in Japan.

What is the Denjiro Science Show?

The Denjiro Science show is a travelling live science show hosted by Denjiro Yonemura.

Denjiro Yonemura is Japan’s “mad scientist”. You may have seen him on the TV, perform one of his magic like experiments or science projects. They are normally playful and involve the participation of at least one unwitting guinea pig – usually a minor TV “talent”.

Denjiro Science Show Denjiro Japan's mad scientist
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Often the experiments prove nerve wrecking for the subject, which produces Denjiro’s mad scientist smile! And it provides great entertainment and hilarious results for the audience. I remember seeing one snippet on TV (and thankfully found an image on Natalie to prove it!) where Denjiro lights Abareru-kun’s and Baikingu’s head on a fire and Bellissimo uses it as a gas ring to cook on.

Denjiro Science Show

Yonemura Denjiro is enjoying great acclaim this past year or two, but he’s actually been on the TV and around the live performance circuit at least a few dozen times before. This current boom in popularity is actually his come back. He was probably most famous circa 2005 / 2006. Maybe even before that, but there is limited information online for anything before 2005.

What we do know of his past life, so to speak, is that he was once a physics teacher. He left his regular paying job for the public eye in a bid to bring his joy in science to the world. Or Asia anyway! His aim is to show the fun and entertaining side of science and instill an interest in science in children.

Denjiro Science Show

Denjiro Science Show Yoshimi

Having visited one of Denjiro’s live shows yesterday, I can say without hesitation, that he has been successful in forging an interest in science with at least eight of the kids that were in our group. And, I would speculate, with the vast majority of children who ever visited one of his live science shows.

Denjiro's Science Show

The current travelling Denjiro Science show is called the “omoshiroi science show” a pun to reveal both the interesting and funny elements of the show. (The Japanese word Omoshiroi can mean either funny and/or interesting in English.) The live show is very entertaining. And it is indeed both funny and interesting. As no photography is allowed I don’t have any photos from the show, just this one of the stage when we first entered the theatre and before I saw the numerous signs saying “no photos”!

It is a live show with Denjiro himself performing and showing the experiments with his assistant Yu. He also has some aides including, Gian and Genki, who have a comedic segment of their own. They were so entertaining and had the kids in stitches that I assumed that they were a comedy duo. However, upon researching today I see that they are actually both apprentices of Denjiro’s. And both of them (and assistant Yu too) majored in Science at esteemed universities.

Denjiro Science Show
Image from the official English web page

Prize Giveaway

You will be glad to hear that the live show does not involve setting anyone’s head on fire. Just balloons, boats and boomerangs. And six prize giveaways in audience interactive quizzes. Denjiro asks a question related to the experiments he has shown and his assistant walks around the audience and randomly picks a child to answer the question. The atmosphere is electric as kids jump and down and scream with their very essence to get the assistant’s attention. We were very lucky that TWO of the kids in our group were selected to answer the quiz.

Denjiro Science Show prize and signed picture

The assistant was very fair in how she chose, taking one child per seating segment and I can verify that it was totally random with no bias. Because we couldn’t get 15 seats together we were sat in three separate groups spread across the theater. Thanks to that and sheer luck, two in our group (including my oldest daughter) got selected. They got to take home a coveted prize AND a signed picture by Denjiro.

Denjiro Science Show shop

But for those not selected in the audience there is a chance to buy one of Denjiro’s original science kits in the foyer before and after the event. Or you can make the experiments he introduces from household goods, which he explains how to do during the show.

The live show in Yoshimi yesterday was the only one scheduled for Saitama this year. But Denjiro did promise at the end of the show that he would be back with a show in Saitama again. In the meantime, you can catch him in one of these locations:

Denjiro Science Show upcoming locations – 2019

  • On September 8th in Niigata
  • September 15th in Mibumachi
  • September 28th and 29th in Shibuya
  • October 14th in Kiryu
  • October 22nd in Hiroshima

You can find up to date upcoming events and more information on the Official Website, which has a full and detailed English portal. However, please note that in 2021 the show has been temporarily suspended on account of the coronavirus.


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