February Kawazu cherry blossoms in Tokigawa

A scenic, off the beaten path spot for early blooming cherry blossoms in Tokigawa in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture. Information for the cherry blossoms, of the Kawazuzakura variety, that start to bloom in February and can usually be seen until around mid March. The area these cherry blossoms are in wasn’t maintained during the pandemic and it went very wild and overgrown. However, in 2023 Tokigawa town cleared the overgrowth so people could visit once again. In 2024, they started blooming around the 15th of February. See the paragraph above “Information” for an update from the 20th of February 2024.

Momonoki Noson “Peach Blossom Rural” Park

Early blooming cherry blossoms Tokigawa

The park is confusingly called “Peach Blossom Rural” park! Momonoki Noson Koen in Japanese. In the “Peach Blossom Rural” Park cherry blossoms rather than peach blossoms grow! However, Tokigawa is known for its peach blossoms. They just don’t grow in this park, but at nearby “Peach Blossom Village” (Hanamomo no Sato) as well as a few other locations in the town.

Early cherry blossoms Tokigawa

The cherry blossoms in Momonoki Noson Koen are of the Kawazu variety. Kawazu can bloom as early as mid February in Saitama Prefecture. It depends on the location. In some instances, they actually don’t bloom until March. In Momonoki Noson, usually the best time to see them is early March, because that is when the vast majority of them are in bloom. Because there are some in the sun and some in the shade, they tend to start blooming at different times. In 2023, the ones in the sun started to bloom around February 22nd. But the ones in the shade were later. By the 1st of March all the trees had some blossoms on them, some in full bloom, some at about 30%.

Early blooming cherry blossoms Tokigawa with wintersweet

For 2024 it really is still too early to tell. They are forecasting that the main Somei Yoshino variety will bloom close to the ‘average year’, so the end of March. If the same is true for Tokigawa’s early bloomers, the best time to see them maybe early March. There are a couple of wintersweet in the park too. A lot of wintersweet bloom in January, but at this park they seem to bloom around the end of February. Meanwhile, further up the mountain in Tokigawa you can see wintersweet early to mid February at Kunugi Mura which also has some Kawazu variety of early blooming cherry blossoms.


Photo of the Kawazuzakura in bloom at Momonoki Noson Park on February 20th 2024:

Early blooming February cherry blossoms Tokigawa Saitama Japan 2024

Reportedly they started blooming around February 15th, but they are not near full bloom yet. There were about three trees though, on the 20th, that had at least 15% bloom.


Sakura variety: Kawazuzakura early blooming cherry blossom

Venue: Momonoki Noson Park

Address: Momonoki, Tokigawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0361. View on Google Maps.

Season: roughly from around the end of February to early or mid March.

Hours: in theory the park is open 24 hours, but there are no street lights in this area and it is very rural so it is not advised to visit after dark.

Cost: there is no admission fee.


The park is about a 40 minute walk from the beautiful Myokaku Station, which is on the Hachiko line. If you come by car there is parking for about 8 cars. Moreover, you can explore this stunning town more. Its a chance to check out the hugely popular Yamadaya shaved ice restaurant without the queues! In addition, if its a fine day and the owner doesn’t have other plans, get a special coffee at Komonoyasan!

Official web page on the Tokigawa town website.


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