When I first came to Japan in 2000 there was nothing in the shops for Easter. I have watched the selection of Easter goodies grow over the years.  Marketers are cashing in on the commercialism of the holiday, if nothing else. I’m not complaining; the choice of seasonal “Easter” cakes are one of the many perks of Japan’s new(ish) interest in Easter. These Ginza Cosy Corner bite size cakes taste as good as they look!


    1. THank you for your warm comment. I clicked on your link, but it is showing as adult content…? I hope you are not having problems with your blog. I would like to peruse your blog when these issues have been fixed.

  1. Cute. I think the things in Japan often comes in cute appearance. 🙂

    1. I think so too. I hope to post some more cute food later tonight. 😉

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