origami dolls for hina matsuri

Origami Dolls for Hina Matsuri. Hina Matsuri is the Dolls’ Festival in Japan. It is celebrated annually on March 3rd, which is also Girl’s Day. We celebrate it in many different ways, such as making crafts at school and home. Here is a really easy and quick paper craft with free print outs for toddlers to make their own origami dolls.

Origami Dolls

Origami dolls

This is a really easy origami craft that preschoolers and origami beginners can enjoy. Moreover, all you need is the free A4 print outs available on HappyLilac.net (linked below).  And you don’t need to be able to read Japanese.

The blue Dairi-sama printable can be found here. The pink Hina-sama printable can be found here.  My 4 year old was able to complete his origami dolls without assistance, using the easy to follow visual guide here on HappyLilac.net  . Again Japanese reading ability not required as the method is shown step-by-step in photos, as pictured below. Three old was also able to do most of the folding herself, she just needed a little help for the last fold. They really enjoyed this easy craft and, moreover, were very proud of their origami dolls!

origami dolls

Quick and easy, ideal for toddlers! You might also like this paper cup craft, which also comes with free print outs:

Do you celebrate the dolls’ festival? What do you do to mark the occasion?


    1. Haha! We’re a bit house bound this week; head colds are lingering and Saturday’s snow still hasn’t melted. And I am SO over going out in the snow and ending up with three times the amount of laundry!! 🙂

  1. The pattern must be for A4 paper because it is slightly off-centered due to one side being cut off. I just reduced the scale a bit to 94% and it fit.

    1. Author

      It may have changed. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll check it out again. Thank you so so much for pointing this out.

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