In an attempt to pass on some of my Irish culture to my half-Japanese kids, we are making a Halloween  craft every day of October. Today, we made two different patterns of spider webs from paper plates, both good for improving fine motor skills. We also did some spider rhymes and fingerplay. This is a follow on from yesterday’s paper spider craft. Halloween isn’t celebrated as much or in the same manner as at home in Ireland, but these particular crafts were inspired by a Japanese preschool activity I saw.

You will need;

  • A scissors
  • Tape
  • A puncher (optional)
  • Thread or wool
  • Paper plates


For the simple version, you just need to cut triangles into the paper plate at different intervals. I taped one end of the thread to the back of the plate and let my preschooler and toddler just start weaving the thread around the indentations. These paper plates were recycled from another activity, hence the writing on them! I think wool would work better, but I had none to hand.

02-PIC_2774 03-PIC_2779

To challenge my 4-year-old a little more and keep him engrossed we used a slightly more difficult pattern, pictured below. I cut the centre out of the plate for him and then he enjoyed punching holes at intervals around the plate.  He stuck the thread to the back of the plate and then proceeded to thread the holes and make a web. Thread is probably better for this one as the holes were quite small.

04-PIC_2776 05-PIC_2777

My one year old wanted to join in the fun, but she’s still too small for this particular craft, so while big brother and big sister made their webs, we did some fingerplay. All my kids enjoy “Incey Wincey Spider”.  You can find the words and hand actions below. I took this from Five Little Monkeys, Over 50 Action and Counting Rhymes by Zita Newcome.


07-PIC_2783 08-PIC_2785

We also did the “Little Miss Muffet” rhyme with the finger play actions from the same book, pictured below.

09-PIC_2786 10-PIC_2787

This activity is also suitable for children who are on bedrest or for Moms on bedrest to do with their toddlers or small children.

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  1. wonderful post…once I have kids I can use all the tips on your blog 🙂 Have a great day and a lovely weekend dear

    1. Author

      Aw thank you Kavita, such kind words. You have a great weekend too. I look forward to reading about your next adventure 🙂

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