Iwatsuki Midsummer Night Market

The Iwatsuki Night Market is on again this year. The official name is Iwatsuki Midsummer Night Market. Although, the temperatures are almost as hot as summer, the summer season is officially over! The reason they use ‘midsummer’ is sort of like a good luck charm. They had the event in Autumn last year, as a ‘revenge’ as they called it, for not being able to host it as planned in summer. The event was so successful, attracting far more attendees than any previous Iwatsuki night market, that they’ve kept the ‘midsummer’ in the name.

Iwatsuki Night Market

Last year, the line up was fantastic, but this year they are stepping it up a notch in gratitude of the fantastic response they got last year. They will have even more food trucks and market stalls this year. They will have some of the favorites from previous years too, such as the sparklers (hand held fireworks) in the park. In addition, as this year’s theme is “Enjoy the Sound”, they will have several live music performances. Furthermore, they have light up for the event. They are also giving away 100 illuminated bracelets, first come, first served.


Event: Iwatsuki Midsummer Night Market 岩槻「真夏の夜市」

Date: Friday September 15th 2023

Time: from 4 pm to 9 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: The Night Market is in the general area of the east exit of the Iwatsuki station (Tobu Urban Park Line), known as Crescent Mall, which is by Watsu mall, 3 Chome-2-5 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama, 339-0057. View on Google Maps. The sparkler event is at the ‘Nook & Park’ space behind Watsu.


It is easiest to come by public transport. There is some coin parking lots in the area if you come by car.

The official website has lots of great information. It is in the Japanese language but it is quite visual. However, unfortunately, is not designed for using on a desktop, but its much better on a tablet or phone. Information on the Saitama Railway website


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