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Find out what’s on in Saitama this weekend with the best Saitama event list on the web. If its on in Saitama, its on!
Please see the grey “details box” at the bottom of each individual event for dates, hours, prices, location and external links.

**During the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak events are subject to change and cancellation at a moment’s notice. Please do always check with the official website for any last minute changes or cancellations.**

Plumed Cockscomb (Celosia) and Toadstools in Shinrin Park | NAMEGAWA

Shinrin Park 1920 Yamata, Namegawa Machi, Hiki-gun

The plumed cockscomb, also known as Celosia, are a relatively recent addition to Shinrin Park. In the inaugral year they had about 50,000, but now there are approximately 500,000. They generally bloom the last week of August ( around August 23rd), and come into full bloom early September. Of course


Cluster Amaryllis Terasaka Terraced Rice Fields | YOKOZE

Terasaka Rice Terraces Yokoze, 寺坂 棚田, Chichibu-gun, Yokoze-machi,

Cluster Amaryllis / Higanbana  / Red spider lilies at the Terasaka terraced Rice fields in Yokoze What is another name for cluster amaryllis? The cluster amaryllis is a flower of many names. In Japan, they are most frequently called Higanbana or Manjushage. In English the most common name is red


Angyo Autumn Bonsai Exhibition and Greenery Festival | KAWAGUCHI

Kawaguchi Ryokka Center 844-2, Oaza-Angyo Ryoke,, Kawaguchi

Angyo Autumn Bonsai Exhibition and Greenery Festival in Kawaguchi Ryokka Center. The 88th annual Angyo autumn bonsai exhibition will be held in Kawaguchi from Saturday the 12th of October until bank holiday Monday the 14th of October 2019.  Angyo is a bonsai town on the border of Tokyo. All of


Ogose Plum Blossom Festival 2020

Ogose Plum Blossom Grove 113 Douyama, Ogose, Iruma Gun

Ogose Plum Blossom Festival - The Ogose Bairin Plum Tree Festival in Ogose Town, Saitama is considered one of the three big plum blossom festivals in the Kanto region. The 2020 festival dates have been confirmed as from February 15th to March 22nd. Early March is generally considered the best time


CANCELLED Cherry Blossom Festival, Horseback Archery and Fireworks

Ranzan Sakura Festival 829 Sugaya, Ranzan

Ranzan cherry blossom festival  - The 2020 Ranzan sakura festival will not go ahead as planned for 2020. Due to Covid-19, the Coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 Ranzan sakura matsuri and fireworks have been cancelled.  There are 252 cherry blossoms along the river. The cherry blossoms stretch along two kilometers. It


CANCELLED Inariyama Park Cherry Blossom Festival | SAYAMA

Inariyama Park 1 Chome-1-23-1 Inariyama, Sayama

Inariyama Park Cherry Blossom Festival 2020 - There will be no Cherry blossom Festival in Inariyama Park in Sayama park this year due to the Novel Coronavirus. The festival had been tentatively set to take place on April 4th and 5th, but earlier in the week they announced the cancellation


Events by their very nature are tentative. Please do check with the official sources for any last minute changes due to weather or other mitigating factors, particularly with the current Coronavirus outbreak.

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