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Find out what’s happening in Saitama today and what’s on in Saitama this weekend with the best Saitama event list on the web. If its on in Saitama, its on!

**During the 2021 State of Emergency and Coronavirus Outbreak, events are subject to change and cancellation at a moment’s notice. Please do always check with the official website for any last minute changes or cancellations.**

Sweet Potato Digging at Musashi No Mura | KAZO

Musashi No Mura 1700-1 Shidami,, Kazo

Musashi no Mura Family Land in the Green's annual sweet potato digging farm opened on September 19th. It will stay open for as long as there are sweet potato to dig! That's normally until around the end of October or early to mid November. In September you can also pick


No Cluster Amaryllis Terasaka Terraced Rice Fields in 2020

Terasaka Rice Terraces Yokoze, 寺坂 棚田, Chichibu-gun, Yokoze-machi,

Cluster Amaryllis / Higanbana  / Red spider lilies at the Terasaka terraced Rice fields in Yokoze. In 2020 the Terasaka Terraced Rice fields are off limits to the public. Not only is the festival not on, they are cutting all the red spider lilies to deter people from visiting the


Saito Goma Fire Walking Festival

Souganji Temple 2-9-18 Fudooka, Kazo

Every September in the City of Kazo there is a fire walking ceremony, 柴燈護摩火渡り式, steeped in ritual and history, held at Sougan-ji Temple in Kazo City. Currently, the festival has not yet been cancelled for 2020 (September 1st 2020), but there is every chance it will be cancelled in the


Musashino Jurin Cafe at Higashi Tokorozawa Park

Sakura Town 3 Chome-31 Higashitokorozawawada, Tokorozawa

Musashino Jurin Cafe coming soon to Tokorozawa. Jurin means forest. The cafe is location in the Musashino Forest in the Higashi Tokorozawa Park. It is the park beside the new Sakura Town. Within the park, right beside the cafe, there is also the TeamLab Acorn Forest: Musashino Jurin Cafe The


Nagatoro Autumn Leaves Festival and the “Go To Nagatoro” campaign 2020

Iwadatami Nagatoro,, Chichibu District,

The best time to view Autumn leaves in Nagatoro is generally November. Stretching 6 kilometers along the Ara river from Iwadatami, resplendent fall colours decorate the Nagatoro Valley. Trees include Momiji, Kunugi and Oak. Taking the famous Kudari line down the river is a great way to take in the


Shinchan Movie Cafe | KOSHIGAYA

Box Cafe and Space Lake Town, 8 Chome−5,, Koshigaya-shi,

A Crayon Shinchan movie cafe will be the next seasonal cafe at Box Cafe and Space in Lake Town. Shortly after the Hamtaro Cafe is finished the Shinchan Movie cafe will open to celebrate the 28th Shinchan movie "Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes". Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Almost


The 2nd ever Kawaguchi Fireworks – Postponed

Arakawa Sports Park 14-1 Arakawachō, 飯原町, Kawaguchi

The first ever Kawaguchi fireworks took place in May 2019. However, in 2020 they decided to hold the fireworks in Autumn. It was actually nothing to do with the Coronavirus, but actually due to last October's typhoon Hagibis. At this moment in time, they are still scheduled for the first


Warafes 2020 cancelled “No meat, no life”

Warabi City Park 5 Chome-1 Tsukagoshi,, Warabi

The Warafes has been cancelled in 2020 due to the COronavirus outbreak. 2019 information Waranchu Festival, or Warafes for short, is a relatively new annual food festival in Warabi. This year is only the third year of the festival. Despite that, last year there were more than 25,000 visitors to


Kisai Halloween cancelled in 2020 | KAZO

Marutake Kisai Halloween 27-4 Kisai, Kazo

The Kazo City Hall have confirmed that there will be no Kisai Halloween event in 2020 on account of the Coronavirus. The event was tentatively scheduled for October 4th, but was subsequently cancelled along with several other annual events in Kazo. Official notification of cancellation here (click).  2019 Information Kisai


CANCELLED Sakado Yosakoi 2020

Sakado Bunka Kaikan 17-1 Motocho, Sakado

Sakado Yosakoi 2020 - For the second year in a row, the Sakado Yosakoi festival has been cancelled. Last year it was due to a typhoon, this year (2020) it is due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The decision was made quite early to cancel the event with confirmation coming through


Events by their very nature are tentative. Please do check with the official sources for any last minute changes due to weather or other mitigating factors, particularly with the current Coronavirus outbreak.

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