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Find out what’s on in Saitama this weekend with the best Saitama event list on the web. If its on in Saitama, its on!

**During the 2021 State of Emergency and Coronavirus Outbreak, events are subject to change and cancellation at a moment’s notice. Please do always check with the official website for any last minute changes or cancellations.**

Calendar of Events

M Mon

T Tue

W Wed

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F Fri

S Sat

S Sun

10 events,

Umbrella Sky Project 2020 and Hattifattener’s Thunder Splash

Dinghy Park 2020 | KOSHIGAYA

Sakado outdoor pool at Sakado Sports Park

Pop up Hamtaro Cafe | KOSHIGAYA


10 events,

Pear Picking in Higashimatsuyama 2020

8 events,

11 events,

14 events,

Events by their very nature are tentative. Please do check with the official sources for any last minute changes due to weather or other mitigating factors, particularly with the current Coronavirus outbreak.

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