Oshi Castle Umbrella Sky Summer 2022

The umbrella sky in Gyoda is is one of the most beautiful umbrella skies in my personal opinion. I think its the row of flowers that line the path that make it. Currently, this event has no other website entries online (there are a couple of social media posts), so this information is exclusive to Insaitama readers! Here is your chance to get a photo of the sky with no other people there! But, no doubt, social media will do its thing and within a few days, word will have got around. Moreover, come this Saturday when (weather permitting) hundreds descend on Gyoda for the equally stunning monthly night light up event, the cat will be well and truly out of the bag!

Gyoda Umbrella Sky

Umbrella Sky Oshi Castle Gyoda Saitama Prefecture Japan
Oshi Castle Umbrella Sky 2022

I had heard they put some umbrellas up in 2021, but information was never published anywhere other than social media. In 2022, Gyoda city did put up a bit of information, but I didn’t actually see it until after I visited – and intensely searched the net! I had chanced a visit, keen to check out if the whispers of an umbrella sky in Gyoda were true, and was delighted to find they were! This year, third times a charm and I got the inside track early on. The event didn’t start until July last year, so I really wasn’t expecting this event so soon.

Oshi castle Gyoda umbrella sky

The umbrellas are displayed on a quaint walkway that leads from the east of Oshi Castle to the Gyoda City Hall. In order to get this post out before the mass media pick up on it and thus give others the chance to see it before the crowds, this is just a very quick post. If you are reading this before June 3rd – these three night events will be on this Saturday (weather permitting):


Event: Gyoda Umbrella Sky 行田市アンブレラスカイ

Date: from Sunday May 28th (in 2022 it was on from July to August 16th). ⚠The end date has not been released and there is actually no official event web page for this event, so unfortunately I don’t know when the umbrella sky will be up until. Furthermore, I will be on holidays from July 14th 2023 and won’t be able to check for updates again.

Time: dusk until 8 pm

Cost: free

Venue: Oshi Castle, 17-23 Honmaru, Gyoda, Saitama 361-0052. View on Google Maps.


The Oshi Castle ruins are about a 15 minute walk from Gyodashi Station on the Chichibu Railway line. If you are using the JR Takasaki line you can get a bus from Gyoda station. Take a city loop bus from the station and get off at Oshi Castle Ruins. They announce the bus stop stop name in English too. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes from Gyoda station to the ruins on that bus.

If you come by car, there is free parking on the grounds. Sometimes the main parking lot can be very congested (it is very small), but there is also another parking lot which is usually less busy. The entrance to that is further west on route 128.


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