Ishitoshuku Kabazakura Kitamoto

Only one in the world


The Kitamoto Ishito Kabazakura Festival

Kitamoto Ishito Kabazakura Cherry blossom Festival stalls
Kitamoto Ishito Kabazakura Cherry blossom Festival stalls

For one, the Takao Sakura park is nearby as is Kitamoto Children’s Park . The latter is the perfect place to hanami with young children. In addition, the Jougaya cherry blossom avenue close to the children’s park is also famous for its blooms. Moreover, you pass through Saitama’s only registered Forest Therapy park if you are walking from the children’s park to Jougaya sakura.

The day we visited Kitamoto Ishito Kabazakura was just one stop on our one day itinerary for Kitamoto. We sandwiched the visit between hanami in the children’s park and a tour of the excellent Pocky factory.

Kabazakura Information

Official web page on the Kitamoto City Website

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