Just trying something a bit different here. I am not a photographer, nor am I aspiring to be one. I just like taking photos of the kids and/or quirky things! So I am taking Sandy (of Scribbles and Musings) #FavFotoFriday challenge, at least this week anyway!

It’s simple; pick a favourite photo you took in the last week, share it, pingback to Sandy and use the tag.

I enjoyed taking a lot of photos this week with my Smart Phone, Android, while I was out and about on our adventures in Saitama. However, I think the one of the singing 2.6 metre frog, made out of styrofoam, taken in Kawagoe may very well win. And seen as we’re on the subject, below him (and in the featured image) a real life frog we played with in the park today.  Just a bit of Friday fun! Happy blogging.

Frog singing

Lots of wildlife in Yoshimi Sports Park



  1. What an interesting little green creature. I’ve never seen a frog like that. He looks very wise and pensive.

    1. I don’t know what type they are here, but I love thew, they are so cute !

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